2048 Game for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC Download and Install

2048 Game for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC Download and Install

If you’ve been surfing the Internet in recent weeks surely you’ve heard about the 2048 game. This simple game, available for free for iOS and Android platforms, took over app stores around the world in a way not seen since he did Flappy Bird . In fact the game can also be played from your computer online where you will use the arrow keys instead of your fingers to combine the numbers. The 2048 strategy guide and shows you the basic steps to play 2048 and a strategy that highly raised the chances of achieving the “2048”.

2048 Game for PC Windows 78 MAC Download and Install

The goal, as its name implies, is to reach the number 2048 by combining pictures with the same number. When two tables with the same number side are to hand, you can slide one of the pictures to the side that suits you to create a new table with the sum of the two numbers and your goal is to slide the pictures and combine them until you get form the number 2048.

Features of 2048 Game to   Download and Install  PC|Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC

It sounds pretty easy’ve even tedious right? It turns out that the game is very addictive and can spend hours in your gadget trying to reach the very simple at the beginning of a new game prized 2048. In fact 2048 may seem, but it begins to complicate how you progress in the game and the number of frames available for new numbers is reduced. One of the reasons why 2048 is such an addictive game it is very difficult to lose in the first minutes of the game, allowing you to move much in the beginning, I even reach your first 512 in a few minutes, then see how everything crumbles before your eyes.

Installation  2048 Game for PC Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC

Before discussing strategies and tricks, let’s quickly see how to install and start playing 2048 . The first step is to open your App Store or Google Play and search for 2048. Once you find the application and download it opens the application. You can download the application to your computer, the download links are:


When you open the application, you will encounter a window that asks for your information to the Game Center to Login.

Installation of 2048

Once you started session, you will find three windows that you quickly explain the basics of how to play 2048. Dale click new game or “Let’s Play” and ready.

Start Game 2048

You’ll notice that a button appears on the top of the screen to access the game options and another that shows you the score board. The game options are few and simply include starting a new game, application rate and a small tutorial on how to play 2048 .

2048 Options menu

Ready! It’s time to start combining to achieve the 2048 numbers.

tricks of the game 2048

Strategy and Tips to Solve 2048 Game for PC or Windows or MAC

The strategy of the corner Something you need to understand about such games as 2048 is that the corners are your best friends. Select one of the corners as you will start to strategy and combine numbers with reference to the corner that you’ve selected. This strategy allows you to get a large number in one corner and continue to combine numbers that eventually will combine with the number of the corner. You need to understand about this strategy is that you limit the direction in which you combine the numbers and focus towards the corner you have selected. Never combine numbers in the opposite direction of most of your numbers unless absolutely necessary.

It is very common that this strategy of combining numbers only in the direction of one of the corners stay locked as shown below.

2048 strategy

The solution when you encounter this problem is to move a space in the opposite direction of more then one space up and then continue with the strategy of moving only towards the corner selected.

The goal, besides being the largest number in the selected corner, be sure to combine 4 large numbers in the same row, otherwise you run the risk of having a number 2 once the greatest number, something that is almost impossible to recover.

2048 Game for PC Windows 78 MAC Download and Install 2

Whenever you will encounter problems as the game progresses, but the best solution always comes down to a few simple rules accounts, for example, never let the numbers 2 start to accumulate and do what you can to make them 4s and 8s always trying to combine them in the direction of the selected corner.

As already mentioned, the 2048 game is very addictive but if it’s any consolation after spending hours glued to your computer or mobile device, it’s a game that stimulates your brain. Those who like math and puzzle-type games will be pleasantly surprised at how simple yet fun time of the application.

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