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Google Analytics Alternatives:

Yes, there are alternatives. And you’re probably using Google Analytics because everyone is using it, because it is the most popular, the best known. Although this does not mean that it is perfect (hint: it’s not ) or the most suitable for your needs.
For some, the delay between the calculation of the data in Google Analytics and your display is too long, especially for those who need real-time accurate data. For others, the Google solution of the learning curve is very arduous. And for a few, it may be that Google already knows more than you should on all of us.
Each case is different and we bring here five options for traffic analysis that can be a good substitute for the traditional. Test in its sole discretion and you do not need to remove your Google Analytics code while evaluating its alternatives

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Best Alternatives of Google Analytics

1) Piwik


With nearly 2 million downloads, Piwik is a serious and free alternative to Google Analytics.
Download? That’s it. The Piwik is a solution that you need to host and run on your own server.
What at first may seem a downside to this tool actually is their strong point. For those who do not feel in full control of the operation of the Google solution, host your own data analysis system can be a rewarding experience. There is also a paid option that runs the tool and stores the statistical data in the cloud.
The Piwik is open source with an open environment for development and an active community. It also allows you to import files log , which is not released by Google Analytics. Furthermore, Piwik has an official application to IOS, as Android, unlike Google only favors its own mobile platform.



This solution does not quite have as many users, but is the preferred sites like Mashable, FoxNews, Upworthy, Slate and Reuters. Noticed the pattern? The is a traffic analysis solution focused on content production sites, such as articles and news.
This focus is the differential, since the system can compare posts, shares, authors and texts and quickly identify popular topics in real time and guide the production of future contents according to global trends. In other words, this tool claims to be able to predict what will generate traffic as accurately as possible with current technology. Your customers seem to agree.
In addition, the offers immediate access to their metrics, without the gap of time that Google Analytics still holds to its main statistics. But because of its focus, it does not have as much detail as origin of visitors or navigation within the site about to dispense with the Google solution.
Unfortunately, although it is a recommendable alternative to sites and companies working in the area of ​​content generation, its high cost can be an obstacle for adoption.

Google Analytics Alternatives List 

3) KISSmetrics


If the focus is who produces content and what the page contains the KISSmetrics bother to identify the most who your visitor, where it comes from, what he did and where you went into your site .
As the name implies, this tool is completely dedicated to metrics such as conversion rates, hoppers, expected revenues and results of performance.
These features make it an indispensable tool, even if costly, for websites where the public is the main asset, such as online services. Not coincidentally, it is the alternative used by giants like WordPress, MailChimp, AboutMe and others.
Its robust conversions analysis system also makes it an interesting option for e-commerce sites.

4) Clicky


For many people, Google Analytics can be frightening. His learning curve really is not the best and the Google service contains features that can confuse those who want more direct data without much sophistication.
For these people, there is Clicky . This alternative is quite affordable, which in ten minutes of use will make anyone feel already familiar with its possibilities.
This convenience also means that different functions are in the most basic way. There are other tools that perform best data traffic analysis provided by Clicky.
However, despite its simplicity, the Clicky has a good set of tricks up its sleeve, such as real-time monitoring, alerting, heat maps showing the points of a web page where there are more interactions, as well as views of the data in their own unique page for the administrator.
Some of its features are paid, but the cost is well below that charged by other more complex alternatives.

5) Woopra


If you ever wanted to know the name of each online visitor on your site, understand where he walks through your site, your activity history in the last three months and your needs, then this is your tool: Woopra .
Of all the alternatives, this is the most powerful, since it is integrated with your user database. You will have a complete history of each visitor, their habits, their preferences and even personal data if this information is cross-referenced with the data stored on your bank site.
You can view real-time a visitor on the site, get your data up to 90 days and set up campaigns for immediate results.
Unfortunately, this degree of information control requires dedication in the setup process and not cheap for large sites. However, depending on the needs and size of their operations, Google Analytics may be insufficient. And this vacuum, the Woopra delivers what it promises.

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