Best Alternatives to Facebook

Alternatives to Facebook : Despite the sweet moment that through Facebook, historically the popularity of social networks has not been characterized by stability. While the staff is not very happy with Facebook, partly due to new permits that accompanied the new privacy Messenger.

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List of Best Alternatives of FACEBOOK

Google Plus

Despite not enjoy much popularity in Spain, Google Plus is a social network that is very popular and not for nothing is the second in number of social network with 350 million users. Its design can be the best, animations and other effects make it very visually pleasing; and after a short period of adaptation to know where is what and how it works, offers all kinds of possibilities. I also do not like it when I was forced to have Google Plus profile to comment on Youtube, but that efforts to unify Google services has led to an integration with these perfect. The community is more professional than Facebook and focuses more on sharing quality content.


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I recently did a comparison between snapchat and Slingshot, and is highly recommended checking out. Snapchat has 100 million users and traffic produces 700 million daily files. Most of the charm lies in the ease of use and attention to privacy. The photos or videos are shared must be “in situ”, nothing to go to our photo gallery, and self-destruct in a period of 1-10 seconds after the opening of the file by the recipient. If a hawk seeks to make screenshots, snapchat warns that sent the photo that made her capture.

Alternatives of Facebook


is a brand new social network that is gathering rave reviews and praise from all kinds of experts and trade press. It is often found at the top downloads in Apple Store and seems to be causing a sensation among young people. Its developers say merge the best of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if I may use the expression) text, images, audio and video. It also allows broadcast live video and win money based on visits as with YouTube.



Twitter is a microblogging network P2P (peer-to-peer, or “peer to peer”) completely decentralized, in which each user is a node (in Diaspora there are several, but some are shared among users). Photos, status updates, data, etc., are everywhere and nowhere … In other words, are scattered throughout a network where each computer stores information locally. There is no censorship and has a messaging system (Direct-messages) communications are encrypted between the transmitter and the receiver, end-to-end (“point-to-point”).


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To Login or Signup To Flickr >> Flickr Login or login 

Flickr is also one of the best alternative to facebook, which allows to share photos and many other multimedia files. It is founded by yahoo company. It uses one of the best tools to enhance pictures of flickr users and can make wonderful slides.

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