Best Alternatives to Gmail

Alternatives to Gmail

Google will change in a week their privacy. Many do not like the new situation and maybe think about changing, after all, the Internet is not just Google and Gmail. However, it is not so simple to find web services quality, safe and above all, respect our freedom and privacy. But although abound, yes there are, and such a high level that will not miss the old options.

Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail

Best Alternatives to Gmail

So, Many of them aware of only a few choices for their instant mail services. Mail services became popular since 1990’s. It’s been more than two decades and there a much better services providing equally with Gmail. And even some are providing more. But, still Gmail has dominant of all over this because of it’s popularity. we will discuss best alternatives to Gmail one by one as follows.

Hotmail or Outlook:

Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail

The undisputed king of the mail clients, thanks to its inclusion in the office suite par excellence of Windows: Microsoft Office. Their widespread use among professional customers and their complete collection of plugins, make it virtually a reference of what they should be able to mail clients. You can purchase it here, along with the other applications of Microsoft Office office suite Available for Windows and Mac OSX. This is one of the recommended best alternative to Gmail

Yahoo Mail

Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail

Yahoo Mail is also another best choice for users. Yahoo account also gives the same features as Gmail and also it provides flash news information like it is web portal. A lot of other services will also accessed using yahoo mail account. You know that flickr is one of the best photo sharing websites across the world, started by Yahoo and can be logged on through yahoo account only.

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Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail

Hushmail is a service that provides secure e-mail to both individuals and companies. In its free version it offers a fee of 25 MB of storage and the commitment on our part to maintain activity in the service (accessing the service at least once every three weeks) but also offers payment options. The service takes time running but, yes, it is important to note that within the terms of service explicitly indicates that collaborate to injunctions of authorities in Canada (he is a Canadian company, in fact, some other once it has been embroiled in controversy).

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Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail

But the reign of Google email application does not end with Gmail, a few months ago launched the Inbox application, an app with more colorful interface and, clean user and visually aesthetic. The app is very easy to use and offers notifications, reminders and collection Post Group.

Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail is another wonderful mail application is obtainable to smart devices via app for windows or android or iOS platforms. For desktop screens, there is an log-on availability for the users. There is an unlimited storage for emails and limited file storage up to 2GB for users.

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Zoho Mail

Best Alternatives to Gmail,Top Alternatives to Gmail
Zoho Mail gives you different type of resources when compared to others. It’ll host a domain with your mail. This is big advantage for Zoho Mail. If you want to host more than one website, you need to change your account to premium.Even, it has the same services as others do in mail servicing like sent,inbox, drafts etc.,

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