Best Alternatives to YouTube

 Best Alternatives to YouTube:

Vimeo: This is a site that was originally released in 2004. It allows us to upload videos, share and even download other. HD downloads became available since 2007, long before YouTube permitted. Vimeo is a site that has a simple turn attractive in your browser loads quickly and interface. It need not have Flash because it uses HTML5.


DailyMotion: Platform is relatively easy to use and very similar to YouTube in some respects. In terms of interface it is probably one of the most similar alternatives that we will find. If you do not want to completely abandon the YouTube interface, then I recommend taking a look at DailyMotion and see what you think.

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Google Video: This is not a place to upload and download videos, but is directly a portal that allows us to find videos on various pages, although a large part of the results will lead us to YouTube. Ever the search function used Google video? Because it is exactly that.

List of Youtube Alternatives


-Metacafe: One of the biggest rivals of YouTube today. Of course it is not as well known as the famous site of Google, but still has its own legion of fans and users. It shares many aspects with YouTube, because it also uses Flash and we also need to get an account in order to upload our own videos. It offers videos by different categories: popular, news, music, video games, technology, etc.


Photobucket: Not many people use Photobucket to upload videos, but can be used for this purpose. Photobucket is no longer as popular as before, and while most of its users only upload photos, we can also share our own videos, although there are several restrictions because videos can not last longer than 5 or 10 minutes (depending if we payment account) and you use a free account will have only up to 500MB of storage.

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Veoh is a platform that tries to match video, also based on the material unlike music video that does not change the original video format and maintains quality. This service allows any registered person to the site can upload and share their own videos. Veoh has also begun distributing media content such as Billboard, TNT Networks, the CW Network.

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