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Change Gmail Password :

While we create a gmail account we will place a password and use it , some times we click on the keep me sign in or Remeber me in browser and we may not enter the mail password and we forget our password in mean while or sometimes your email password is cracked by some of your friends so you need to change your password which is very easy to remember for us and not able to crack by any one else . So here we will discuss how to change the password of your gmail account 

change gmail password

Change your  Gmail account Password

Gmail the affliate of the Giant Google which is email platform where its users can create free email account with their desired names and passwords and can send mails free to others for free of cost. Google recently announced that about 900 millions active users are present for Gmail . With the increase in the Internet services around the world every one are read to have a email account.

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Follow the below steps to for gmail password change

  • First to change your gmail account password you need to login to your gmail account , So login into your gmail account
  • After you login into your gmail account the Click on the Settings on the Right hand top corner

gmail password change

  • Then click on the Settings Gear wheel with arrow and you will find as below

change gmail password

  • Click on the SETTINGS button and you will be redirected to the page as below and click on the “Accounts and Import”

change gmail password

  • After you click on the Accounts and Import you will have the change password option at first click on the change password

change gmail account password

  • After you click on the change gmail password you will have to login again with your old password to your gmail account which you would like to change

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  • Then enter the New password and Confirm the New password and by this you Password gets changed

gmail account password change


Follow the above guide or steps and Change the password of your gmail account . If you cannot change change gmail password  comment below so that we can help you . Book mark our site Teciwiki


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