Change or Reset StumbleUpon Password of your Account

Stumbleupon Password Change:

Stumbleupon is a web based search engine which is used to find and recommend web content to it users. Its features allows to find out and to explore new photos and videos worldwide according to the taste of the viewer. It involves the principles of Social Networking. It is founded in November 2002 by Garrett Camp. The main feature of this search engine is that, I can filter all those unwanted stuff for us. We are very free to access our own choice of websites list and can even also filter all those unwanted website material within us. It is launched by and is normally linked with twitter and Facebook statuses and updates. It is almost similar to that of and TinyURL.

How to Change Stumbleupon password

In a pleasant and welcome change the new StumbleUpon web interface finally brings you a lot of joy and happiness by bringing a step to change your StumbleUpon password from the preferences screen, as though to increase your privacy by adding security reasons for you. The original StumbleUpon interface does not allow you to change your password at all, you are forced to download the StumbleUpon toolbar to change your password.

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Change your StumbleUpon Password

StumbleUpon did not force the new Web Interface to all users, you instead must select and convert to the new Interface. To do this you log into your StumbleUpon account, at the very top of your home screen you will see the following:
Click on the Try New StumbleUpon to convert to the new interface.interface. A Once you do this you can then click on your preferences, where you will see a new Change Password setting, which doesn’t display in the old preferences Interface. Now you no longer have to remember your obscure StumbleUpon password and can navigate StumbleUpon via the web with ease.

Resetting The Password When Logged Into The Account:

If you know your password and can login to your account, follow these steps to reset the password.

1. Log into your Stumbleupon Account.

Change or Reset StumbleUpon Password of your Account
2. Navigate to the cpanel.

Change or Reset StumbleUpon Password of your Account
3. Under the Preferences section, click on the Change Password icon.

Change or Reset StumbleUpon Password of your Account

4. On the Change Password page, under the heading “Main Password”, enter your old password.

5. Now enter the new password you would like to use. Make sure it meets the password requirements outline above in the Password Requirements section.

6. Click the update button.

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Final Words on How to Change Stumbleupon Account Password

This is one of the easiest methods for changing StumbleUpon password. If you have any doubts regarding this method then you can comment below.

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