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Twitter, one of the most popular social media in the present era. It was founded by Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone in the year 2006 at san Francisco, California , US Every one go mad about it because big shots and living legends do have a twitter accounts of their own which will be used by them in personal and not by their fans unlike the fake Facebook pages & accounts. This is the reason why normal people do create this twitter account. First, a new Twitter account holder will have the best option to protect his or her tweets from random people on the Internet. This important privacy feature gives the user control over who gets to view his or her most intimate and important personal details.

change twitter password

The way to activate this feature is by clicking on the “account” icon and then selecting “security and privacy” on the left side of the page. The user will see an unchecked box for “protect my tweets.” This security feature will cut down on the strangers obtaining details about a Twitter user’s whereabouts and activities. A Twitter account has the ability to store a person’s location and post that information if he or she so wishes to. However, some people do not wish to have their locations publicized for privacy reasons.

That feature is in the privacy settings, and it is called “Tweet Location.” To disable the feature, the user has to uncheck the box that says, “Add a location to my tweets” if it is checked. Keeping location information private can cut down on instances of Internet stalking. All of the business goes well until you can access your twitter account but the problem comes when you forget your twitter password or having other problems which troubles you from signing in. Here I will explain some easy steps to reset and to change your twitter password.

How to Change Twitter Password after logging into the Account

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There are two best ways that a person can change a Twitter password.

1) The first way is to perform a Twitter change password from inside the account after logging into your account for some security reasons. This means that the person already knows his or her former password.

Change twitter password

2) Next, the person will want to click on the account icon and then look to the left side of the screen. There, the user will see a link for “password.” The user will click that and then look to the right of the page. A new password reset widget will appear to the right.

Change twitter password

3) The person will first enter his or her current password along with his registered Gmail id. Next, the user will want to type in a good password to the replace the existing one.

Change twitter password

4) Twitter will make the user enter the new password twice so that the system is certain of the changes and his account is full secured. Finally, the user will click “save changes” and the process will be finished.

How to Perform Twitter Password Recovery Process:

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1) A Twitter password recovery is a procedure that a person will want to perform if he or she genuinely forgets the password. First, the individual will navigate to Twitter’s main page, which is located at

2) A blue “forgot password” link will be on the right side of the page in the sign-in box. The person will want to click the “forgot password” link to initiate the recovery of his account. The first step the person will have to take is identifying his or her account.

3) The individual will have to enter a User registered email address or a phone number. The Twitter tool will use that information to find the person’s account.

4) The person will then have to look at the account that Twitter finds and verify whether it is his or her account. The system will show a profile pictures and it will show part of the email address that the person supplied when he or she first joined Twitter.

Change twitter password

These are two easy and fastest methods to change Twitter password. If you face any problem during this process then comment in the space below .

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