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AOL (America Online) is an American international mass media corporation based in the city of New York whose main intention is to develop, grow and to expand their business by investing in brands and websites. The major dealing and the business of the company includes digital distribution of contents, services which it offers to advertisers and publishers. Firstly, AOL began as short lived venture called as Control Video Corporation (CPC), founded by Bill Von Meister. So you want to master your world or else interested to expand your business worldwide, then what are you looking for. Create your own AOL mail account now to enjoy all such activities. Here I am going to explain some of the few easy steps to create your own AOL mail address.

create a new AOL mail account
Some few steps to follow: To create a new AOL mail account

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1. Open the main website of AOL

create a new AOL mail account

2. Visit the Create a new account page.

create a new AOL mail account

3. Now the entertainment part begins, to pick up your own name for your email address. Just type your wish able email name and click then to check upon whether that particular email address is available or not. Type your preferred username and press “Tab.” Doing so places your cursor in the next field, but it also prompts AOL to validate the username. A notice appears along with suggestions if the username is already taken. Try again or simply click one of the suggestions. If you see a green check mark, the username is available.
4. Then for your security purpose, click a password for logging in to your account, then retype it to ensure to proceed with that mail password. Then click next.

5. On the next page, we just want to get to know you a little better. Enter your Date of Birth be selecting the month from the drop-down menu and then entering the day (dd) and year (yyyy) you were born.

6. Click the circle next to Female or Male.

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7. Enter your postcode in the ‘Postcode’ box.

8. Select a Security Question from the drop-down menu and then enter the answer in the box provided below the drop-down menu.

9. Enter an Alternate Email address in the box provided. This is optional so skip it if you’d like.

10. Click Next.

11. You are almost there, just type the security code as it appears in the image specified below. This is a special feature that is used to prevent spammers and also to prove that you are not a robot.

12. Finally click the signup button to complete this process.

13. At last, the page shows that a new account has been created. You can click ok and can proceed to use your AOL mail account and can enjoy all type of stuff provided there.

Some few tips to change or to reset your AOL mail account password:

1. Sign in to your account information. (If you forgot your password, just click Forgot password.)

2. Next, answer your Account Security Question. …

3. Click Change Your Password in the General Account Information section.

4. Enter your Old Password, and your desired New Password.

After logging in:

• Go to Settings
• Then open Manage your account tab
• Click change password under the password section.
• Enter your old password, then type your new password and renter it to confirm password.

Final Words

So this is the complete information regarding how to create an AOL mail and some tips to reset your AOL mail account. If you have any doubts then you can comment in the section below.

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