Download and Install Google Chrome for PC | Windows XP 7 8 8.1| Mac OS | Linux

Download and Install Google Chrome for PC | Windows XP 7 8 8.1| Mac OS | Linux:

As we know web Browsers are most important source for browsing, in that Google Chrome has become prominent web browser to the users. It is obtainable for free and developed by Google Company. It was released initially in 2008 September. So, in the span of six years, it has seen many crests. Chrome has nearly half of web browsers usage by the users among the world.

Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC

So, this is more than enough to declare that Google Chrome is one and only best browser in the world. In 2012, Google chrome released version for smart phones based on Android.  The battle for control of the browser market had long been fought by Microsoft and Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox being respectively their stilettos. And that was a time, until he broke Google Chrome Google to present and make it the undisputed leader of web browsers.

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In Google wanted to apply three principles to the letter for your product: simplicity, speed and stability. Therefore, it has become a high-performance browser with a complexity for the user who is absent with its minimalist design, the first well to incorporate such interesting concepts as the independence of open processes in your eyelashes. On the other hand, the minimum consumption of data makes extremely fast when it comes to load any web page.

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Features of Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC:

>> High-speed startup and page load and the execution of various actions.
>> Simple design that provides better management tabs.
>> Integrated PDF viewer documents.
>> Automatic loading of open tabs in the last login.
>> Integrated from the Omnibox search.
>> Recently it has another feature is auto password generation.
>> It’ll give info about safety search and if any problems with any website it’ll display not safety for your PC.
>> Privacy control by configuring your preferences and incognito.
>> It has many extensions, themes and other options.
>> Custom settings due to user logon.
>> Integrated language translator.
>> Download manager.
>> For Google Chrome, you don’t need to install Adobe Flash Player for multimedia, because it’s in-built application.

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How to Download Google Chrome for PC,Google Chrome for Windows, Google Chrome for Mac,Google Chrome for Linux:

>> Go to official website ( and there you can download file.

Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC
>> After Going to that official site, click on download icon to know for which device you want to download whether for Personal Computer or Smart Phone. Click on Personal Computer
>> Then, the page will be redirected which looks like below figure. If you’re PC is Windows XP or Vista or 7 or 8 or 8.1, click on “download chrome” box to start downloading.

Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC


How to Download Google Chrome for PC,Download Google Chrome for Mac OS:

>> If you’re PC is another OS such Mac or Linux. click on “download chrome for another platform” is to provide info regarding downloads for another platforms. In that select Mac OS option and then start downloading the file.

Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC

How to Download Google Chrome for PC, Download Google Chrome for Linux:

>> Follow the procedure, which i gave info about how to download for Mac OS. In that other platforms options find Linux OS and click on it to start downloading.

How to Install Google Chrome on PC:

>> After downloading the file, open .exe file and run it on your PC. It will start installing google chrome files on your PC. The installation process will takes about 5 to 10 minutes (depending up on your data connection).
>> when your finish installation, google chrome shortcut will be created. Open that shortcut and start browsing.

The below figure is just an example, how google chrome normal window appears.

Download Google Chrome, Google Chrome for PC

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