Download and Install WeChat App for PC/MAC/Windows 7, 8, 10

Install WeChat App for PC/MAC/Windows 7, 8, 10:

WeChat provides multimedia communication with text messaging, messaging waiting to talk voice transmission (one to many) messaging, photo / video sharing, location sharing, and exchanging contact information. WeChat social supports the creation of networks through shared feed streaming content and social plug location-based (“Shake,” “Look Around” and “Drift Bottle”) to talk and connect to local and international users using WeChat.

Photos can be taken and adorned with artistic filters, and placed in a newspaper of personal photos to share with other users. User data are protected by a backup of contacts to the letter and the recovery from the cloud. WeChat aims to provide a social networking platform that emphasizes user privacy and performance of rapid response.

Create and Account in sign up or  login

Registration is completed through Facebook Connect, mobile phone or Tencent QQ. The application was initially released as Weixin in China in January 2011, as the international language support in October 2011 and renamed in April 2012. WeChat is being promoted in India through gambling Ibibo in Tencent has a participación.5

The application is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store for Android, BlackBerry App World and Windows Phone Marketplace.

Download WeChat for PC Features, WeChat app for PC features:

MultiMedia Messages: 

You can send photos or video files to others. You’re allowed to send voice messages or video messages to your contact members.

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Group Chating:

You can make a group with all your contacts naming something xxx. This is feature was most popular to connect with a lots of people.

Chat History Backup: 

When you feel that you lost chat history. This feature gonna help you find all old messages. Go to Settings, then open general option. Detect Chat History Backup and click on that option to recover all your messages of chat.

Call Features:

The video call is enhanced the popularity of this application towards users. This is used to connect live to one other. You have Free Call option to call others for only voice calls.

Chat Features:

You can make live chat sessions and simply can be used in half duplex mode of operation for users. Voice chat is also enabled in WeChat app for PC. There is save option to remind your favorite messages in Chat.


You can share your moments expressing with a picture and a few words. This is simply like Timeline option in

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Contact Features:

You can divide them by Mobile Contacts, Official Contacts and Friends Radar. Friends radar is an option to give a separate section for your friends circle.

You can Download and Install WeChat app for PC using any android emulators available in market. But, i will explain the process using BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Download and Install WeChat app on PC (Windows) using BlueStacks

Step 1: I recommend to download and install BlueStacks Android Emulator is the leading android app mediator giving reliable service to the users. Download and Install BlueStacks for PC .

Step 2: detect WeChat app using search option. Later on Download and Install WeChat app on PC to enjoy it’s new experience.

There is another method to start chat on using WebChat option in WeChat application to run on PC.

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WeChat App on PC – using WebChat:

We can run WeChat app on PC without BlueStacks or any android emulator. Because there is an incredible option WebChat. Click to start “WebChat” option, then go to on PC. You just have to scan QR code with WeChat. Later on, select OK to proceed for WeChat on PC.

If you have any doubts on Download and Install WeChat app on PC using BlueStacks, contact us through comment box.


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