Duolingo , Best language learning app in Windows Phone

Duolingo a language learning app in Windows Phone

Gradually, developers are seeing potential in Windows Phone and create versions of their applications for Microsoft’s mobile platform. Duoling after Instagram, Vine and other applications, now it was the turn of a free app that conquered users worldwide. It is Duolingo , a  free platform for learning languages which will release application soon for  iPhone, Android and now its only avaliable for users of Windows Phone


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Duolingo: Learn languages ​​in a fun way

A good idea, performed exceptionally. That’s Duolingo , an application that can learn languages ​​easily and fun way , without having to go through tedious cards or expensive classes. Duolingo works well because it is so interactive that you do not realize you’re learning , more like a game where every time we seek to achieve new challenges, and this is the key to its success.Currently, Duolingo offers courses in English, Portuguese, German, French and Italian for those who use the application and speak Spanish, but more will be added soon to this true virtual academy languages ​​and it does not cost a penny.Applying Duolingo for Windows Phone offers the same features that are available for Apple and Android, but is compatible with versions 8.1 and higher of Microsoft’s mobile operating system , leaving many end users.

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Duolingo app for Windows and Windows Phone

So, who it was the first to dare to gamble Windows Phone are out of a very interesting application, as is happening with all my good standard that are debuting in the Windows Store.Out of injustice with the issue of compatibility, Windows Phone developers are showing respect him , something important and that does not happen on platforms such as BlackBerry.

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Android even took time to have the most popular applications and then were exclusive to iPhone.You can download from the Windows Store Duolingo , it is completely free and we suggest start young with your language courses, taking advantage of every free moment you have. Also you can use DUOLINGO on Web at www.duolingo.com



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