Enable Gmail “UNDO Feature” for Sent Messages-How To

Gmail UNDO Feature:

Gmail the top email service which allows us to sent mails to all our friends which is free of cost. Gmail is the affiliate of the Google the giant search engine . Gmail as millions of users and now Gmail as enable the UNDO feature for the Sent messages.

gmail undo feature

How To Enable Gmail “UNDO Feature” for Sent Messages

We send mails to people with some text or any other information on any purpose but we may make mistakes in the text or send the message to some other mail id instead of correct person , so Gmail now as enabled a new feature called the UNDO Features . By this feature you can undo the mails which you have send within in few seconds after you have sent a mail which may be send with any errors or sent to any other person by mistake. Here we will provide a How to guide to enable Gmail UNDO Feature for sent messages

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Step 1 : 

Log into gmail account for which you want to enable the undo feature

Step 2 : 

After that go to Settings , to go to settings click on the Gear on the right top corner of screen and you will get a drop down menu where you will find the settings there .

Enabling UNDO Send in gmail account

Step 3 :

In the General Tab you will find the Undo Send where you need to Tick in the box with the time limit for the cancellation or UNDO the mail the highest limit is up to 30 seconds.


undo send feature for gmail

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By this you can enable the UNDO SEND for a mail in in you GMAIL Account

If you cannot enable the Undo send feature in gmail , comment below for online support on our site teciwiki

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