Find your IMEI number of your Mobile

Find Mobile IMEI number :

IMEI the acronym of International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. Every Mobile phone is being assigned with this number which is unique and 15 digit length. Every mobile will have its own IMEI number and if you want to know the IMEI number there are several ways to find and here we will present the different ways to find this IMEI of your mobile.

Know your IMEI Number

imei number

If you want to know your mobile phone or smartphones IMEI number the first open your dialpad and click on *#06# in the dailpad and dial the number. After you click on the dial you will be returned with the IMEI number . If your mobile phone as the dual SIM card support then you will find two IMEI numbers.

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IMEI number printed on Back of your Mobilephone

If you cannot switch on your mobile due to any battery problem then we can find the IMEI number by just removing the battery and there will be a seal which will have the print on the IMEI number. For a dual SIM mobile you will find the two IMEI number .

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