login signin signup || how to create gmail account login signin signup || how to create gmail account :

Daily many of them uses Gmail account to send their personal data exchanges and business purposes. It had many features in data sending and receiving multimedia data too. If they are too much data bigger files we have an option like “Google Drive” for which contains more than 25 MB data. So, this is an exciting feature in Gmail account. It is the most renown used app in android devices that Gmail app hits first billion downloads for Android Mobiles. login signin signup || how to create gmail account

By using Google Plus extension you can make Google Hangout video calls with up to 10 members of group chat. It was a fantastic application which was well used by many users for International calls or personal calls or Business calls.

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History of Gmail:

Gmail is a free access to the users accessible in 72 languages providing by Google Company and containing more than 400 million users (only up to Mid-2012). It can be reachable only via Internet access. It was released initially on April 1st 2004 and it was avail for public on Feb 2007.

Though there was so much competition with Hotmail and other mail facilities supported by Yahoo. Gmail crossed all those hurdles to stood in leading. It was also well used for web advertising purposes too.

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Features of Gmail:

It will have storage capacity of 15 GB per user and if you want more storage, use paid plans are available for 30 TB usage.

It’s the best Secure Webmail because of having 2-step verification process to access.

A single mail should send within 25 MB as a regular mail. But, if it exceeds 25 MB send them through “Google Drive”.

Gmail also in Mobiles avail in 40 Languages.

By using Gmail Account you can send mails to 500 recipients.

At a time you can send a single mail to many members via option “BCC” or “CC”.

It uses different category modes information regarding Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. There was also open source that you can create your own type of tabs by defining it with keywords.

It was also entered into Social Networking field with Google+. It was avail just as an extension for Gmail Account.

It separates you mails from unknown people. If at all those were detected to be spam, Then it will be delivered and stored as Spam mails.

The most exciting thing is we can make calls using Google Hangout by using G+.

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If you are stuck with Gmail and don’t want to run again. So, check out the below list for who are offering same resource like Gmail.

  1. Yahoo! Mail
  2. Hotmail
  3. Outlook
  5. Shortmail
  6. Zoho Mail
  8. Yandex

The above list was limited up to my experience, but there could be another services may avail for you. So, while discussing about Yahoo is one of the best mail resources. It was the stood after Gmail. Then coming to Hotmail and Outlook was presented by Microsoft. Those can be accessed through Microsoft Account. The rest are also providing and growing their network but they cannot destroy the network created by Gmail.

Step 1: Create Gmail Account – Gmail Sign up:


  • First click on below link which redirects you to start the process to create Gmail account.

Gmail Sign up

  • Then you will be redirected to a page, observe the page in the below figure. login signin signup || how to create gmail account

  • Start Filling the form.
  • Starts with your name. Provide first and last name. Then choose you username, some usernames will not avail just with your names. So, best thing is to add any numbers or symbols to username.
  • Then create a confidential password which was only known to you. And then Confirm it.
  • Provide your Date of Birth and Gender in the next two boxes.
  • The main step is to provide a valid number of yours. Because, it will be the main key if you’re password is gone or further verification details.
  • If you’re already having email address fill that box with your current email address.
  • Finally, we come to verification process. There will be a picture contains a number of word to Type that in text box.
  • After typing fill it with your current location, where ever you live.
  • Then agree all Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Click on “Next Step” to continue to Gmail Account.

Step 2: Manage Your Gmail Account Settings:

After the above step 1 process you’ll be redirected to your Gmail account. Then, if you need to change or anything regarding Phone number or another details those are edit and save again. Follow all the procedure as I said above about Gmail Features. Check and apply those settings and it will work and have fun by sending mails.

Step 3: Gmail Log in – Log in to Gmail Account:

So, while you want to login again into your Gmail Account. Go to and the windows appears like in below page. login signin signup || how to create gmail account

Fill with your username and Password to log in again.

So, this is how Gmail Account details and how it works. I think your all doubts might be clear. If not ask me through comment box.




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