Google Successful Products | Failed Products

Google Successful or Failed Products 

Google is one of the companies that have grown to be virtually present in every corner of the network. It has a search engine, operating systems, software of all kinds and even makes fun of what to do with their products in a different reality.

Google Successful Products List, Google Failed Products List

Google Successful Products | Failed Products


However, in each project there is always the risk of triumph or perish, and not even Google has been saved from having some failures. Google is the leading company in providing services as Search Engine and many other services through web. Many Google products have thrived other services, but it even affected to success in other products too.

Google Successful Products List, Google Failed Products List

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Google Successful Products

Google Search

Originally it called BackRub, in 1997 came the first version of the Google search engine, which initially used for indexing about 25 million pages of results; 2004, Google had indexed more than 8 billion sites. The search engine has received all kinds of additions to find specific content across the web and can be used on virtually any device with Internet access.


With 9 years of history, Gmail is one of the platforms most successful email until today. It is compatible with different devices, has advanced options to manage the account and recently received integration with Google Drive to send and receive files up to 10 GB in size.


Although not a project initially developed in Google, Android has gone through a process of significant improvements since it was acquired by the company. Now, Android is present in different formats and devices businesses, and distributed through many manufacturers worldwide.

Google Chrome

Google created a web browser that was launched in 2008 with the idea of ​​expanding the supply of this type of software, and given that Chrome is light and friendly with many computer systems, was gradually gaining followers. Currently you can use this browser on computers, tablets and smartphones alike, and indeed, the mobile version is being adjusted to allow content compression and save on mobile data consumption.

Google Translation

Google Translation is another incredible software application can be translated from one language to another language, is available to many nations. Many users use it to translate for messaging purpose and now world can communicate with each other, using Google Translate.

Google Maps

Google Maps was originally known as Google Local, and announced in 2005. In addition to Gmail and Search, Maps is one of the best tools created by Google that many users use every day; It has features that are also used in other projects such as the Satellite view that became popular in Google Earth as well as many additional features. Of course, the mobile version of Maps and street view or street view are also great successes of Google.

Google Digital Tools and Products:

I’ve combined all the tools which are used for online marketing or digital marketing, are

Google Adsense – Which is used to monetize websites by displaying ads on your website using some ad codes.

Google Adwords – Google Adwords is used to keyword tool, and you can set campaigns for your site using PPC (Pay Per Click is used to pay for a click to get traffic from other websites to your websites).

Google Analytics – Google Analytics Tool is used to see, how much traffic for your website. Every webmaster should know their traffic their websites, even on real time.

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Webmaster Tools – Another important tool for many websites, to see more site analysis. Webmaster Tools is used to know index of site URLs, to target particular location for traffic. More over you will know about sitemaps, site manual actions, and other options too.

Blogger – Blogger is one of the free hosting platform for many websites. Many best websites in the world is running on this platform.

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Top Google Products Failures

Google Video Player

As an attempt to make users will use Google technology to play video directly from your desktop Google Video Player was born in 2005; however, it turned out that the world did not need another software to accomplish this task, and Google offset this failure acquiring YouTube in 2006.

Google Buzz

With the growth of social networks, Google decided to launch its own attempt to compete with Google Buzz in 2010; this tool allowed to share content with other users through the integrated Gmail button. Since then, Google came to replace this project was discontinued in 2011.

Google Wave

Google Wave came at a time when Gmail already had quite popular, so we decided to integrate email, IM and social networks into a single client. Announced in 2009, Wave had an interface with many elements to be used, so that users came to find too complex to use; for 2012, it withdrew completely Wave network.

Google Answers

Google challenger for one of the few services that Yahoo! still having great success: Yahoo! Answers. Instead, Google created Google Answers in 2002 as a research service remotely where trained staff would conduct the search for answers to the user in return for payment; of course, Google Answers died in 2006 because people preferred free answers, although they are not necessarily the most reliable.

Google Reader

Among the most recent and notorious gaffes Google is the controversial closure of its Reader RSS and Atom feeds, Google Reader. Social networks were a clamor of criticism when the March 13, 2013 the company announced the surprise closure of one of its most popular services. Reader was launched by Google on October 7, 2005 through its platform of services in research and testing Google Labs. Gradually grew into one of the platforms most used for the organization and quick access content from a single web interface. Google Reader’s disappearance became effective in early July 2013 and millions of users orphaned from one of its essential query pages. The grounds given for so controversial closure in this official post.

Google Video

Google Video is launched and tried to thrive YouTube. It is introduced to search videos in search engine mode on April 15th,2011. But, unfortunately Google has failed to execute in perfect way. Later on, after acquiring YouTube by Google. They all moved google content towards YouTube.

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