Install Skype for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1| MAC – Download

Download and Install Skype for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1| MAC

Skype is a software that allows text communications, voice and video over Internet ( VoIP ). It was designed in 2003 by the Dane Janus Friis and Swede Niklas Zennström . The Skype code and protocol are closed, and proprietary application, but interested users can freely download the application executable official website. Skype users can talk to each other freely.

Since 2013, the network of Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) joined Skype; MSN user logs on with the same credentials you used on the previous network to communicate with another contact Windows Live or Skype, but only text; to use the audio and video must link your account hotmail / Outlook with Skype, but this is entirely optional.This application also includes a feature called YY , SkypeOut , which allows users to call conventional phones, charging different rates and low depending on the country of destination, can call almost any phone in the world.

Install Skype for PCWindows 78MAC

Install Skype for PCWindows 78MAC

Features of Skype (Download and PC)

It can be used in the following ways:

  • Free communication by text, voice or video between two Skype users with Internet-connected personal computers. It requires registration and acceptance of the conditions of service for free.
  • Group communication or conference of free speech (group videoconferencing is surcharge) among multiple users of Skype, all with Internet-connected PC. It requires registration free.
  • Generation voice calls at low cost from a Skype PC connected to the Internet, telephones to fixed or mobile network. Contract requires payment, monthly or yearly.
  • Communication and sending data at low cost (text and graphics) from a Skype PC connected to the Internet to computers fax (or PCs with fax software) connected to fixed telephony networks.
  • Voice calls to local rate phone call from landline or mobile phone number of a user subscribing to Skype with PC connected to the Internet. If the receiving user is not available, Skype offers a voicemail service. Contract requires payment by the receiver.
  • The calls made from mobile phones are charged at local rates of cellular service.
    Communication and sending data rate local call from fax machines connected to fixed telephone networks to a subscriber of Skype Internet-connected PC. Contract requires payment by the receiver.
  • Communication call forwarding and text at low cost from mobile network to a fixed or mobile subscriber Skype Internet-connected PC. Contract requires payment by the receiver.

Skype to have the services of voice, data, fax, voice mail, conferencing and video calling , communication can be maintained without cost, low cost, between Skype users, mobile phones, landline phones, fax, video and text obviously, between communication users in both directions

Download and Install Skype for PC | Windows 7/8/8.1 | MAC

Install Skype for Windows 7/8/8.1 :

If you are users of Windows to Download the Skype application on your Computer then just go to the Store and search for Skype and Download and Install the Skype from there

Install Skype for MAC :

If you use MAC then go to the Appstore in the MAC and Just Install the App from if

Install Skype for the Smartphones :

To install Skype on your smartphones just go to your corresponding application store and download from the store and install to you smartphone

Even without downloading the application you can use the Skype by just log on to the website amd log in with our accoutn and enjoy video calling

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