Install WordPress Plugins for WordPress Site or Blog

Install WordPress Plugins:  The WordPress is one of the top CMS (content management system ) and millions of the Websites and Blogs are being hosted on this WordPress platform . WordPress is being launched in the year 2003 and now the WordPress 4.2.2 is running live . The plugins are the extra add-on to a blog or website which helps us to have extra compatibility and helps us to have complete our work easily . WordPress being the PHP based platform as it own Plugin Directory which as both the Premium and Free Plugins in its Plugin Directory

install wordpress plugins

Install The WordPress Plugins to WordPress Site

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  • To install the WordPress Plugins to you site just open your Dashboard and then Click on the Plugins where you will find the Installed Plugins , Add New , Editor . To install the New Plugin Follow the below steps
  • Dashboard>Plugins>Add New
  • Search for your preferred plugin by name or keyword
  • If you find the plugin you need then click on the Install Now button present
  • After you click on the Install Now , the installation process starts and it will as you to activate the Plugin or not

Upload and Install the plugin to your WordPress blog

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You can also install the Plugin directly by uploading the plugin directly to your site to upload follow the few steps

  • Open the Plugin Directly and click on the upload button and then upload your plugin you downloaded online . Just browse the plugin from your system and then upload it to your site
  • Install the Plugin after you upload the plugin
  • By this you have downloaded your Plugins you have desired

The WordPress Plugins are being Install and you have millions of Plugins in the WordPress Plugins and get you add on to your sites . Comment of How to Install WordPress Plugins

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