www.Rediff.com Login sign in | Rediff Mail Signup | Create Rediff Account | Rediff

www.Rediff.com Login sign in| Rediff Mail Signup | Create Rediff Account | Rediff


www.Rediff.com is providing their great services from 1996 for News, Entertainment, sports, shopping and many more other info too. It is monitoring from Mumbai and other offices were located in Delhi, Bangalore, and New York.

Rediff.com | Rediff Mail Signup Login | Create Rediff Mail Account | Rediff

It was initiated by Ajit Balakrishnan, Chairman and CEO of www.Rediff.com. It was first domain name registered in India in 1996 and it is ranking 24 in India and according to Alexa is 296. Rediffmail has huge registrations of nearer to 100 million users. It’s also giving same facilities like other Mail services with free amount of storage.

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Rediff also launched “News” app for Android to provide their news updates to mobile phones. It’s main target is only India but it has now expanded services to United States too.

www.Rediff.com | Rediff Account | Rediff Mail Features:

You can access Mail account, social pages and many more choices too.

You can watch Videos, News and many updates.

It is also accessed through app via Android phones.

Rediff provide online shopping way in for users.

It’ll give real time market news and analysis.

Rediff shopping application is avail for both Android and iOS platform users.

Find and connect your friends via Rediff account, Orkut and Gmail accounts too.

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Rediff Mail signup/ Register, Create Rediff Mail Account, www.Rediff.com :

Step 1: Go to www.Rediff.com website.

Step 2: Find “rediff mail” on the above categories list provided at top of template. Click on that category.

Step 3: It will redirects to a page with form for as below figure.

Rediff.com | Rediff Mail Signup Login | Create Rediff Mail Account | Rediff


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Step 4: Fill the form with accurate details and start with Full Name.

Step 5: “Choose a Rediffmail ID” up to your choice in different ways.

Step 6: Give a password to authenticate your account( choose a impeccable password that no one can open except you). Retype password again in the next box.

Step 7: If you alternate Email address whether it is Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and many other too.

Step 8: If you don’t have tick the mark below shown that option. Then it unveils another three options “Select a Security Question”, “Enter an Answer”, and “Mother’s Maiden Name”.

Step 9: There will be four choices in Security Questions are Name of your first school, Name of your favourite food, favourite pass-time, and exact time of birth.

Step 10: You do not have your Manual choice and select a mono option in them and give your answer.

Step 11: Then Fill out your Mother’s name.

Step 12: Give your personal mobile number because it’ll help you while you cannot access your account.

Step 13: Choose your Date of Birth, Gender and Country with City.

Step 14: Observe and tackle the captcha letters and enter exactly them in below box.

Your Registration was completed.


Manage your Rediff Account:

You should know how to manage things in Rediff Mail, because while you have to make changes or to save some settings. with a just single Rediff Page account, you can access all other categories too. upload your picture that could help your friends to locate you. Another choices of Your school, college, company and fill all other stuff.

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You can Add Friends by city, and also the best advantage in Rediff is that you can find your friends via Orkut , Gmail and Yahoo accounts too. You can access as Rediff mail and Rediff page which is almost like Facebook. The same options of Status, you can share Photos and Videos. In Rediff, you can also follow pages.

Rediff.com | Rediff Mail Signup Login | Create Rediff Mail Account | Rediff

Rediff Mail offers to send and receive mails in different types of folders which can give manual options. By using Rediff Mail you can send SMS to others available from morning 9 A.M to 9 P.M in a day.

You can send only 2 SMS to a number and there will be limited by number of SMS per day. If you want to upgrade your Rediff Mail to Company Mail, it will be paid version.

Then, if you want to login again to your Rediff account. Follow the below instructions.

Rediff Mail Login Sign in| Rediff Account Login:

To login again, go to www.Rediff.com and click on Rediff mail icon and it will redirects to a new page like this.

Rediff.com | Rediff Mail Signup Login | Create Rediff Mail Account | Rediff

Fill your “Username” and Password to log on to Rediff Mail and it can access other categories too.

So, this is about Rediff Accounts, Rediff Mail Accounts and other stuff which is related to www.Rediff.com.

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