Safari Browser Download for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1 10] ,Mac – Install

Safari Browser Download

Safari Browser is very secure and it is top priority provided by Apple Company. The browser which will come with Mac OS and iOS operating systems devices. Later on, the browser is avail for public in January, 2003.
After that, Safari version released for Windows OS in the year 2007. It supports Windows XP or Later Operating Systems.

Safari Browser Download,Safari Browser for PC

Safari Browser Download for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1 10], Mac – Install

The latest version is Safari 5.1.7, released on 9th May, 2012 and it is the current version for Windows users. Though we know only the popular browsers Chrome by Google and open source browser Mozilla Firefox, but this one is different from them. User will definitely encounter it’s far better than Chrome & Mozilla in providing safe searches, not affecting any malware or with ads. Only in few features, it’s still lagging on that’s why Safari is unable to compete with top browsers.

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Features of Safari Browser Download

> Default search engine is “Bing” (You can change search engine through settings)
> Well supports HTML5, which includes full screen Video, Source and other things.
> Another feature to not experience Ads on webpages by using Safari Reader.
> No doubt it is secure than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
> Extensions are also available to advance your browser with some add-ons.
> Intelligent search field, which merges both Web Address & search fields, is a similar feature to Chrome & Firefox browsers.
Some of the Features were may not come for Windows OS systems, because it has stopped updating version for Windows OS. So, only few of were avail to them. For Mac users, you’ll be having many features depending on your Macbook versions.

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How to Download Safari Browser for Windows [XP 7 8 8.1 10]

> Go to this page “”

Safari Browser Download,Safari Browser for PC
> Even you can get the browser in Languages too. Observe the top right side “Downloads in other languages” option.
> Choose Safari 5.1.10 for Snow Leopard Version and observe below that option there is “Download” icon to get the browser. Click on it.
> The file will start downloading after you click on “Download”. It will be in the form of Winzipper file and consumes 48.4 MB file.
> It takes some time to complete the download process. After that, Run it on your PC.
> Then, it’ll take to install the browser for few minutes and when it completes the process.
> Start enjoy browsing on Safari Browser.

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How to Download Safari Browser for Mac OS

For Mac OS systems, it’ll be the default browser and pre-installed with the product of your Mac Book or any iOS devices. The browser is avail in an advanced versions to Mac OS users based on version they uses.

> For Mountain Lion version you will have Safari 6.0 or 6.1 versions.
> For Mavericks OS X can have Safari 7.0 version for it.
> For OS X Yosemite you’ll have Safari 8th version is avail for it.
And also check your OS version, with which type of version can suit it.

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