SEO links Wheel or SEO Linkrads , How does Link wheels work

SEO Link Wheel:
SEO Link Wheel – What is it?
An SEO Link Wheel is a wheel comprising a plurality of links, which are then linked together, thereby forming a wheel. With a Link Wheel, or Linkrad you can improve your own rankings well. A Link Wheel is therefore very often created on pages that are already strong. Thus,, Squidoo, etc. offers. Since these usually have a high PageRank. Of course, the blog created, when you create a blog on such a page, not immediately provided with a high Pagerank. But that is the create blogs still have a certain strength and numerous backlinks for Monteysite.


How does an SEO Link Wheel?

An SEO Linkrad works as follows. By the individual blogs at,,, etc. were created, different articles it publishes. These in turn are linked so that each contains items for Money Site and the next blog each link. So the link juice is passed on and the other sites / blogs so much more. Therefore, Web 2.0 sites are used for a Link Wheel. Also for the reason that one can create such Web 2.0 pages, or blogs for free. By linking to the individual articles, backlinks are generated and the link juice is passed on, so that the Money site can direct them benefited. Because ultimately lands the entire link juice at the Money site and that is the goal at the Link Wheel building.

Basic SEO Link Wheel

It is important that you can not be a basic thing out of sight in a Link Wheel. SEO Link Wheel should not conclude, because otherwise Google recognizes that this is an SEO Linkrad and punishes money site and located in Linkrad blogs from. Of course it is not very good, always adjust the same items. Each article should be unique, and is clearly distinguishable from other products, because otherwise there is duplicate content (DC) and that’s not good. So Google can recognize once again that we have here is an artificial backlink building and could be a penalty awarded. In addition, it would be good if the position changes of the set backlinks.

The less evidence there is for the detection of a Link Wheel, the better it is. Finally, the Linkrad to help and bring their own page for that particular keyword forward.

Advantages of SEO Link Wheel?

The advantages of a Link Wheels are clear. By creating a Linkrads, backlinks are generated. Since blogs are created to pages whose main pages have a high PageRank and Trust, which created blogs also benefit from it and give the Linjuice on. The link juice is passed on to one’s Money Site and to the next blog, which is located in the Link Wheel. So the link juice is concentrated and ultimately emitted to the own Money site. This creates a higher trust and what is very important the page rises in the rankings and thus get better positions in the optimized keyword. It is important that the maximum force of a link wheel takes up to 4 weeks or longer to develop. Some require even 8 weeks until they have their full force. Thus, a further confirmation that SEO simply takes time.

Again briefly the most important for an SEO Link Wheel at a glance:

  • Not complete Link Wheel
  • SEO Link Wheel provided with different articles
  • Linkrad with not too many links provided (maximum of 3 links to 300 words)
  • Link vary from product placement in SEO Linkrad
  • Avoid any relationships, DC at SEO Link Wheel
  • If images are available, also vary in Linkrad
  • if possible, use optimized text

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