Subway Surfers for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC Install and Download

 Subway Surfers for PC|Windows 7/8/8.1|MAC Install and Download

Subway Surfers is the trending app on the App stores of Smartphones . Subway Surfers is a computer game of the Danish company Kiloo for mobile devices with the operating systems iOS , Android and Windows Phone 8 . Designed as a continuous game platform game was developed by Kiloo together with Sybo Games develops and was published in May 2012.

subway surfers for pc windws 7 8 mac

Subway Surfers is a game with no defined end. The for smartphones and tablet PCs developed game can be installed and played basically for free, which is financed through a freemium system ( free-to-play ). The game is about a gang of kids who Graffiti spray and assisted by a supervisor ( inspector discovered) and are subsequently persecuted. In the game are coins collected, thereby overcoming obstacles. The player must use the touch screen to control the character left or right, but I can not like in Temple Run by moving the mobile device they can move also. With powerups and Hoverboards the player glides through barriers and coatings. If you were caught by the warden, you have the opportunity to continue playing by key. You can complete missions in order to increase the multiplier up to 30X, and from then to get Super Mystery Boxes. Also this is obtained when the Daily Challenge meets at least 5 times in a row. In the Daily Challenge you have to play in the letters, which give a word at the end of search, and the price (usually coins) will be increased by the following meeting these.

Features  of Subway Surfers for PC| Windows 7/8/8.1  | MAC

Powerups and Mystery Boxes
Jetpack (for certain time you fly across the pitch and can collect coins)
Super Sneakers (For some time you jump a little higher than in the normal state)
Coin Magnet (For certain time, the coins attracted)
2X Multiplier (For some time, the multiplier is doubled)
Hoverboard (For some time you may be caught by the warden [Double Press for Enable] once)
5X multiplier (for a round is the multiplier increases by 5)
Mega Head Start (a certain distance of a round is skipped high score and multiplier running at)
Mystery Box (One gets such prices. as coins, items and trophies , sometimes to collect in the game)
Super Mystery Box (Prices for Mystery Box are valuable [Only Daily Challenges and missions obtainable])

Download and Install Subway Surfers For PC

Step 1 : To download and play the Subway Surfers on your Computer , PC or Laptop just go to Bluestacks or any other emulator you installed on your PC . If you don’t have the Bluestacks on your system then just Install Bluestacks for PC  .

Step 2 :

Log on to Bluestacks and open Playstore  and Search for Subway Surfers

Step 3 :

After you have completed the search then just Click on the install button to install the game for your PC . After you have completed the installation process then open the games and start playing the game .

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