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Screenshots on Apple Smart Watch :

Technology is advancing at a faster rate in the present scenario. A few years back smartphones have become the must have gadget for most of the people in this world. Many advancements took place in the smartphone industry and due to this people got very much addicted to them. Now we can undoubtedly say that smartphones have become as one of the parts of our body. We all know that technology has no ends at all. Now in the present years smart watches are ruling the present generation.

screen shots on Apple Smart watch

In previous years people used to consider smart watches as the watches that have additional features other than a conventional wrist watch. When smart watches has got upgraded features like a dedicated ram, high end display and a better battery people started getting attracted to them. Most of the leading phone manufacture companies have their own smart watches. Samsung named its smart watches as Gear, Motorola named as Android wear and many more. Apple and Samsung are said to be arch rivals in the mobile industry. So to compete with the Samsung Apple too has launched its smart watch named as Apple Watch.


But out of all those other smart watches Apple has relatively priced their smart watches very high. Although Apple has a premium branding many people expected the price of the Apple watch would be somewhat less. Most of the people who have bought their Apple watch have shared their experiences on the internet. Most of them felt that the Apple watch is worth its price. Many others found it difficult in taking screenshots. Many iOS users also found it difficult in taking screenshots.

Screenshots on the Apple Watch in 3 simple steps

screenshots with apple smartwatch

1) Head on to the screen that you want to take a capture.

2) Then Hold the Digital Crown and side button of the watch simultaneously at the same time.

Tip: It would be easier for you if you hold the watch with your thumb, placing pointer finger on the Digital Crown and Middle finger in the side button.

3) When you are capturing, the screen flashes for a second and you can be able to hear sound of the shutter like you listen while taking a screenshot in iOS devices.

After taking the screenshot go to Photos application on your iPhone. These screenshots will be stored in the bottom of the all photos category if you use iCloud Photo Library. If you use the standard Albums then it will be stored at the bottom of the Camera Roll. From Camera Roll the screenshot can be shared like the normal photos.

Check Screenshots taken on Apple Watch on Iphone

screenshots with apple smartwatch

Apple Watch by default synchronizes the photos that are taken as Favorites. You will not be able to see the screenshot on the Photos app on the Apple Watch. In order to avoid this you need to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and select the photos that you want. Then under Photo synchronizing you can be able to select which album or photo that you want to synchronize to your Watch.

Otherwise if you choose the Recently Added category, your screenshots will appear on the Photos app on your Watch. The photos that are synchronized from your iPhone can be viewed on the Apple Watch even when the Apple iPhone is not present around it.


So here is the easiest way to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial then feel free to comment below. Keep visiting this blog for more and more updates.

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