Top 5 Alternatives to Bluestacks

Alternatives to Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an incredible app player application for all the desktop users to run any android apps on their Desktop screens. Even though Bluestacks is facing some limitations with some features, which are intentionally exasperating users. App players for PC became very big platform and many other app players are introduced into market for alternatives of Bluestacks.


Alternatives to Bluestacks,Top 5 Alternatives to Bluestacks

Top 5 Alternatives to Bluestacks

To overcome some of the limitations caused by Bluestacks, there are other software’s could deliver a better service. Users can refer below list and choose the best app player for their PC.

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Andy Android Emulator

It is more like free Bluestacks that no option. Android 4.4 emulates a pretty customizable, though, is not so oriented games, and it shows. It exactly acts as a tablet on Your PC. It will run by using Virtual box also installed it to run. So, it’s a wonderful app player alternative for Bluestacks. The developers started working from 2011 and their main motto is to give a wonderful experience of smart device on your PC. It had some quite good features than Bluestacks, but only the reason of the popularity still Bluestacks stands first.


YouWave is Android on your Windows PC is that this solution has its loyal fans, but not pointed me among them cannot fail to recognize its power. Play using Android emulator on your computer can be a strange task, but with YouWave have everything needed to run Android on your PC that you use Windows normally be a fairly easy task to accomplish.

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If you have no objection to download and install any Windows application, then you will not mean any problem to have a virtual machine running on your desktop in minutes with a stable version of Android. It will offer just a free trail for some days and later on you have to pay for this app player. Remember this app player is only for Windows Operating System.


Windroy is a Chinese emulator developed by SocketeQ based in Beijing, for use with the Windows operating system and to optimize hardware performance to give your system Android emulated a burst of extra power. Although there are layers such as Bluestacks Android applications and YouWave already can run Android applications, these do not actually act as a real Android device. This is how Windroy became more useful than the two.

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As you could see in the above, there are several virtualization tools you can lend a hand to run Android, but by far the most impressive is Genymotion. This free tool is based on VirtualBox (virtualization our favorite tool for Windows) and runs on specific devices rather than just a generic installation of Android. So if you’re thinking about buying a Nexus 7, for example, you can download a virtual version and run it on your computer prematurely.

Android SDK

It has a user interface quite comfortable for beginners, this was developed through an XML template, making it lighter to use. It also supports multiple platforms, this means that you can run on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

As disadvantage I can mention his notorious slow during the initial loading of the emulator, you could make bored because it takes a long time to start. Regarding the development of applications for tablets it gets a little difficult because the emulator is extremely slow.

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Top 5 Alternatives to Bluestacks. 

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