Top Five Web Browsers for PC 2015

Top Web Browsers for PC in 2015

Google Chrome Browser : 

It is one of the best known and most used , mainly because it is the one that ensures greater speed. Google Chrome was into the market from early 2008. Since then he has managed to move from a market share of 0% to the current 25% last month. It starts from the desktop quickly, loads pages instantly and running complex web applications at high speed. Its great advantage over its competition is also its main drawback

google chrome

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Mozilla Firefox : 

For many people it is the browser that conveys more confidence, probably because, apart from being one of the oldest (he left in 2003) is solid, stable and has very few errors
In addition, a browser is highly customizable , since it has a wide range of themes and accessories. But best of all are the extensions, small free additions developed by hundreds of developers around the world that meet all conceivable tasks and functions.

mozilla firefox

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Safari Browser : 

Safari is still a web browser associated with Macs from Apple, although in 2008 also leap to the platform of Microsoft, with its Windows systems. Although it is the fourth most widely used Internet browser, maintaining market share is between 5 and 8%, growth is very slow, especially for the fact that the version for PCs is nothing remarkable in virtually any way. In addition, more than a year since the update, with security breaches makes this may cause.

safari browser


Opera Browser : 

It is the web browser alternative par excellence. It is also one of the oldest and for many years has been the most used on mobile phones, to the popularization of smartphones . It is developed by a Norwegian company and, like Firefox, is non-profit.Its latest version, the Opera 15 uses the same engine as Google Chrome, so you can use it the same extensions available for the Google browser.

Opera web Browser for PC - Opera Browser Free Download & Install for PC, Windows, Mac

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Internet Explorer : 

Explorer maintains its large market share ( about 60-65% ) because it was the first out and that comes default on all PCs from Microsoft, but has not yet lived up to the other big, mainly due to lots of bugs crawling along.Different Internet Explorer developers have failed to keep up with the competition .

internet explorer

Most Downloaded Web Browser 2015

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