Top 10 Free SEO Tools for Bloggers | Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

Top 10 Free SEO Tools for Bloggers | Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

In this article you will meet the best free 10 SEO tools to the web all in great part free and easy to use with which you will be able to investigate many of the weaknesses of both your site and the competition. They’ll help much up positions in the major search engines.

Top Free SEO Tools for Bloggers, Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

The main objective of every webmaster is to place all pages in top positions of a search engine like google and sometimes it’s very difficult to have the necessary tools to know if it’s getting the job done. Well and here that this site will be useful because you’ll have all the tools necessary SEO in your power to do a good job of optimization.

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Top Free Keyword | Social Media | Backlink Checker | Website Analysis  SEO Tools

Google Adwords:

google free tool which allows you to create advertising campaigns for your site, keyword analysis, traffic estimator, tool location, tool contextual orientation, diagnosis and preview ads and more.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics also this Seo of google tool linking our blog or web can control the influx of visitors, The behavior of the same, advertising on Adsense or Adwords, Traffic Sources, site content, site search, events, analytical click or even conduct experiments to find out which product works best and how.

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Seo Mozbar instrument for that is installed in the Firefox or Chrome browsers which once added to our navigation bar with a single click can analyze all elements of the page, title, description, keywords, title and alt images the text code ratio and incoming links from other cosas. Pero also in google’s search results can know the authority and domain authority page with links and numbers of domains that link us.

Google Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster tool free google site where the web pages or blog you build what you verify the property and can use many tools such as error messages, links to sites, URL parameters, authorized users, tracking errors are added, blocked URLs explore as google, indexing state, malicious software, search queries, links to your site, internal links, sitemaps, elimination of URL, HTML improvements, keyword content, structured data and other resources such as rich snippets etc.

Majestic SEO:

MajesticSEO website where you can analyze your page and make comparisons with the competition in respect of anchor links, check keywords, links to the page, link history. The main aspect, it’ll analyse Trust flow and Citation flow of your site and even compare with your competitor websites.

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Alexa Traffic Rank:

Alexa Traffic Rank tool that can be installed on the navigation bar Chrome browser and with it will know with just a click of visitors Ranking Alexa gives you global and local level, besides the speed of loading your page so important to google, places that point to your site and valuation stars that give users of your site all this plus many valuations Seo help you know if you’re doing the job well.


SeoQuake SEO tool that is installed in the Chrome browser among others that gives you information on each web page or blog in which you enter, as mentions on social networks, inbound and outbound links, pages indexed in google and bing, link directories Dmoz and Yahoo.Esta toolbar is in addition to your browser bar also below each search result.


It is a very comprehensive tool and highlight some aspects, shows at a glance in the traffics I can detect a possible negative SEO attack. They can analyze the most popular content of any web page or blog, whether in the form, ie those more shared by other websites, or social networks. The most advantageous thing is Analysing the anchor text of a website.


It can be used as social sharing SEO tool. With this tool you can share your posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even on many other social websites too.

Google Trends:

Google trends Seo tool with which you tell if trends searches your keywords are increasing over time or otherwise is a keyword that is declining, which will make your visits decline.

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