Twitter allows 116 characters more for retweet

Twitter allows 116 characters more for retweet

Twitter being the top social network which allows you to share your thoughts in 120 characters for each tweet you make also allows only 120 characters in Re tweet also so now you can even few more comment on the retweets you make by adding few more characters .


If we wanted to retweet a tweet or comment we should limit ourselves to just one or two words or we played the task of editing the original message because surely already used the 120 characters that allows Twitter .

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Retweet a Tweet with 116 characters extra

The blue bird seems Glad we read the mind and has expanded the capacity of comments when citing a tweet. Now we will have more to say 116 characters regardless of the length of the original message. So from now we can add 116 characters for the retweet you make for and of them you follow on this social network

The new option is now available on the web and for users of iPhone , but the promise is that soon will also come for users of Android .

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Now a box that allows you to add a comment when you click on the retweet option appears. Then in your TL you can view your comment as if it were a more tweet and within it, as a link, the original message.


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