Twitter Private Messaging Characters increased to 10000 Characters

Twitters Private or Direct Message : 

The Micro Blogging and Social Networking site Twitter with millions of users which as the its start with a idea of sending short messages to friends with  a limit of 140 characters to friends as got a good reputation in the online world . Twitter from its inceptions kept on improving its services and recently it as updated the number of characters to retweet a tweet on its platform .


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Twitter to allow 10000 characters for PM

Twitter also allows you to Private message or Direct message a person you want but it also as a limit to to only have a message with 140 characters from from now twitter allows a user to direct message with 10000 characters directly . Twitter announced the increase in the number of characters through its blog today .

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Reason to increase number of characters suddenly for a direct message is due to platforms like Whats App and Facebook which allows us to chat instantly fro free with unlimited characters , Twitter doesn’t want to lose its audience for this reason of direct messaging with less number of characters .

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