www.facebook.com|facebook.com sign up login |fb log in, fb sign up

www.facebook.com| facebook.com signup log in |fb signup, fb log in:

Facebook.com provides a wonderful social network to communicate with family, friends, relatives, and others. Facebook social network was improved in an astonishing way. Facebook Login uses overall world by many users not more than any other social network. It was presenting appreciable services since 11 years.

 www.facebook.com|facebook.com sign up login |fb log in, fb sign up

History of Facebook.com:

Facebook is web based social networking service started by Mark Zuckerberg on February 04th 2004. It was mainly located and maintained in Menlo Park, California. It was built with his Harvard University mates of Edurado Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Initially, it was only avail for Harvard Students.

Originally, Facebook.com faced many issues in case of commenting and other options used in it. After 2006, greater than or equal to 13 years old human was allowed to enjoy free services in Facebook.

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It had over more than 1 billion active users by mid-2014 and it was great achievement to Facebook. The company was marked up to 212 billion market capitalization. Due to huge database it has started to sell stocks to Public because unable to handle over it.

Features of Facebook.com:

It was allowed to find your friends, and even you can participate in created groups or other groups if access to use.

It can be used for Business expansion purpose for any products and services to reach more people via FB Pages and also to create Advertise to grow your business.

It was allowed to create special status of pages for celebrities those who are identified by special symbols.

You can post your status via TIMELINE option in your FB page.

You can categorize your friends like Close Friends, Family and in other categories.

Facebook.com also provides Video Calling with your friends and other people.

Facebook also gives supports to see Videos and Photos those shared by friends and you also have an option of it.

There are wonderful fun apps can access to play and find some relief.

Users can also access to design apps to show their talent.

Facebook also provides for likes, share, and send options to website posts.

It is also provides many applications for users to use them in many ways.

It also provides to send gifts to friends or loved ones or also to family members.

More About FB Login | FB Account: 

Facebook got a whopping craze in social impact via Internet. Because, it’s enabled features that has expanded day by day growth for this network. Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp application is another android app for social network purpose. It is also facing many problems in copying the features provided by other social networking services.

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There is much headache that most of the accounts were easily hacked and not that much secure. Many users are violating age requirements because even 10 year old child are accessing FB login. This is something inconvenience that users are not much accessed by identifying things.

Want to join in another social network but it’s professional network.

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Step 1: Facebook.com Signup | Create Facebook Account:

Many of them do not have any idea to start up with Facebook account. Follow the below points to complete the task.

  • Login to www.facebook.com page, which will redirects as below figure.

 www.facebook.com|facebook.com sign up login |fb log in, fb sign up

  • Observe “Sign Up” option in that page with required form.
  • Start filling that form to complete sign up program.
  • Begin filling your “First name” and “Surname” boxes.
  • Easy thing is providing with Mobile Number. Even who do not maintain Email, they can go for option via Mobile Number.
  • So, enter you mobile number or Email address to fill the box. You can fill up with your mail or mobile number.
  • Re-enter the same stuff which was presented in above box.
  • Then coming very confidential one is give your own password that is only very renown to you.
  • Provide you Date of birth, because to verify your age.
  • Finally, we came to end and mark you are whether Male or Female.
  • Click on “Sign Up” box to end the procedure for Sign Up..

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Step 2: How to Manage Your FB account:

After logging in, you will be panic how to maintain your account in a secure way. You have to know some options to do anything. You’ll identify one big column and three compressed columns of design. In the middle means the big column give you notifications about your friends activities and sharing posts and so on.

www.facebook.com|facebook.com sign up login |fb log in, fb sign up

First column describes your profile attributes and Pages option, Groups option. Those are to show data base that you are friends with someone, following a page, joined particular group. Even about apps, Events and other things.

Third column will show you “TRENDING” to know most discussing topics on that day. If you have a page you can observe those on this column only. It’ll unveils about suggested groups and more friends to give advice to be with them.

Finally, the fourth column describes about “Games” and “Recommended Games” to play them. The good thing is this column gives info that your friends list with their online status. Whether they are on Web or Mobile operating Facebook.com. If you want to chat with them click on the name and Tab will appear on desktop with smaller size. Start typing your messages to him and same procedure that follows with Group Chat.

Step 3: Log on to your account again with FB Log in :

To Login again to type www.facebook.com as it redirects to home page. Observe the above two boxes to fill out with Email or Phone and another one is your password. Then, Click on “Log In” icon to proceed to you Facebook Account.

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