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Hello friends . Today we will know about how to create Yahoo mail account , Login into your yahoo mail directly and tips and tricks to get good access in yahoo mail . as we know is the top search engines and also the oldest search engines , with its search engine services the yahoo also provides many other services like Mail , Answers ,Directory , Finance, News etc .. Yahoo these days getting down with its huge competent Google , but not down in the email service market . login

History of yahoo mail or or starts from 1997 .Anyone can create the mail account for free with the available user name . The yahoo mail account provides with the domain names with almost all the country names . Being one of the email provider , is never getting down even after the Gmail entrance . There are many email providers as Yahoo mail . Some of them are by Google , , ,Msn live by Microsoft .

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Features of mail or mail

The mail service provides you

  • 1Tb of email storage
  • 25 megabyte message size limit
  • Up to 10 attachments per email
  • POP Access and Forwarding
  • Archiving of email messages for offline access
  • Ability to send messages from Yahoo! Mail using other email domains
  • 200 blocked addresses and 50 filters to help screen unsolicited emails
  • No promotional taglines in messages
  • No account expiration .

Think this features tempts you to make an email account with Yahoo. So here we provide a guide how to create an account with . Just follow the below steps and create the yahoo mail account .

Create yahoo mail account or or Signup yahoo mail

Step 1 :

First to create account open the or or click the link here Yahoo mail  

Step 2 :

After you login to the page as below . login or login

Just click on create account as in the above image ..

Step 3 :

After you click on the Create account you will be redirect to the page as below login create account

You are few steps to create account

  • Enter your first name in the column provided with FIRST NAME
  • Enter the last name in the column provided with SECOND NAME
  • Select the username you want , if you can find the username the go with it if not search for another username available
  • Then fill in the password which complies the program policies of
  • Fill in the Moblie number with the country code you are present or the phone number picked from
  • Enter the Month , Date , Year
  • Then Choose Male or Female
  • Then fill in the Recovery phone number , which helps you get the recovery details when you forget the login details or with security issues
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of the yahoo and click the tick mark in the box provided .
  • After you complete the whole process just click the Create account link and your account will be create in few seconds and you will be redirected to your mail page

The above steps helps you create the yahoo mail account in or .

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Login to your mail or  mail account

But how to login into your yahoo mail account ,other time you get into ..

The just follow few steps …

  • After you get to the page you click as the first step to create account .. you are directed login  page
  • Just enter the username or total mail id to the account you want to login and enter the password in the below column provided
  • After you click login or sign in then you will be redirected to mail account .

Sometimes you cannot enter with the password or you may enter the wrong password just click on forgot password and a code is sent or password is sent to your mobile number . Just recover by the  way they guide .

Just try the process above and create the mail or mail . Thank you for reading the article and and drop your comment on the article or

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