Best 360 Camera Apps in 2020

List of Best 360 Camera Apps

The 360 camera apps and the newest cameras for panoramic images are revolutionizing photography, social media, and event marketing. With our mobile devices, we can take all-round panoramic pictures to view them in stunning details with our mobile devices.

The app for 360-degree   is for images and videos, photospheres. But that is far from all. But VR content becomes increasingly popular, we’ve decided to collect the best 360 camera apps in one place.

Here are the Best 360 Camera Apps

1.Panorama 360

The first panorama app that comes to mind instantly is Panorama 360. The best feature of it capturing three-sixty panoramas and video, in 3 modes – normal, manual, and real-time. A single tap to initiate the shot, move around with the phone and done. The user can view images made through the app in both 3D views or in Flat. One more feature is geo-tagging – to mark the location of panoramas or nearby.


2. Photaf Panorama Pro

This is with a simple user interface and incredible photographic possibilities  It is an accessible VR camera app.HD model of capturing 360 images allows you to set them as your phone’s wallpaper.

These app features are automatic image stitching, 360-degree panorama, photosphere, social media sharing.

3. Roundme

Its motion-sensitive panorama viewer brings you only the best scenery from all over the world.

With this 360 video app, you can explore places, nature, and cities from best photographers, architects, and artists. All images are of great quality, JPEG and TIFF formats up to 60.000 pixels in multi-resolution.

4. Pano

Pano app comes with reliable functionality to create 3D images, a nice UI, and a panorama building.

It uses up to 16 images from a smartphone and a semi-transparent guide on a screen to navigate your actions. Such extra options as photo alignment and color correction make it one of the best 360 camera apps.

Created 360 panoramas saved onto your phone. The beauty of this app is its single purpose – to take nice 360-degree pictures and store them on a phone. Nothing else, nothing excessive. Version for iPhone and Windows phones are also available as of lately.

Business model: Paid app ($0.7). Pano has no more additional paid features. So you get access to all it contains and functionality kit once and for all.

5. Sphere

you are free to take virtual tours with Sphere 360 camera app around the globe and enjoy panoramic views.

You can create great-looking spherical images while you travel and share it with your friends.

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