Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

Alternatives to WhatsApp

As we aware that whatsapp is one and only thriving app used by more users than any other messaging app in these days.  But nonetheless, if for any reason you do not like WhatsApp there are many quality alternatives to use in instant messaging.


This application is the reason why many users decide to jump into the smartphone, since the ability to receive photos, videos free of charge is very attractive. Also need to be in communication with others. Some users are unsatisfied with the privacy content or the features provided by the Whatsapp has some limitations. So, many of them aware of alternatives of whatsapp, but many of them still confused what is a best alternative for the Whatsapp. For that, below description about few famous app which is used for instant messaging, video calls, and etc.,

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Tango messenger is also one of the best instant messaging, video calls, and avail for Android , iOS, Windows, and even came existence to PC(for only Windows Platform). It has alredy more than 200 Million users across the world. It is one the most downloaded app in android operating system. Tango is one of the best Alternative to WhatsApp.


WeChat it is another service that is growing strongly. Fruit of a Chinese company, can send text, voice, share photos, videos and contact information. It also has the ability to share the user’s location to chat with other users of the application that are around. It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian s40 and s60 platforms. As Telegram, WeChat boasts their speed and their privacy. This one is also strong alternative to WhatsApp.

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With all the fuss that has been mounted with the new blue ticks Whatsapp, Telegram offers the safe alternative for excellence. It is an app focused on safety and speed. To start using it have to enter an activation code that is sent to us through SMS. One of the most outstanding features are the “Chats Secrets”, where our messages are encrypted and self-destruct after passing the time you specify. It also has good synchronization between mobile devices and the computer.

Kakao Talk

Another application arrival of Asia. It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Bada and desks. Even it is introduced for Personal computer users. It had more than 100 million users across the world with more than 10 languages. It is used to share photos, videos and many general features as others give. No banner ads are supported and it can be also used a Walkie-talkie. It had also included gaming platform into it.


It is another application that has entered strong, especially among teenagers. Its most prominent feature is sending messages that self-destruct after five seconds. Even it is growing in one of the best services in photo sharing and social networking area. The app is obtainable in more than ten languages across the world.

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Kik Messenger

Another application arrival of Asia. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Kik is offering a various types of features like promotion chat and you can search people by their user name. Though it’s an option to you, it’s also much safer as other applications. But still it is good application as messaging app.

It is possibly its giving tough competition application in Asian countries. Currently it has more than 300 million registered users. It is compatible with all mobile operating systems, and PC and Mac. It allows calls, send multimedia files and voice messaging, in addition to providing a great shop Stickers that give an extra that others try to emulate.

So, I think you got some idea about Alternatives to WhatsApp. Choose any one of them and enjoy messaging. If you’re having any doubts regarding this article Best Alternatives to WhatsApp . Contact us through comment box.

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