Best Emuparadise Alternative in 2020

Best Emuparadise Alternative

Here we have collated a list of EmuParadise alternative sites and apps where you can get them and download classic games of your interest

Here’s a bit of a Backlog: was a great website to find scores of ROMS, ISOS, and games for an array of consoles, but unfortunately it’s a big library of downloadable vintage games but now they no longer exists as it closed down permanently in 2018.

 Best EmuParadise Alternative Sites 

1) CoolROM

Emuparadise resembling in many aspects, CoolROM is without any doubt  it is one of the best Emuparadise alternative sites where you can find millions of vintage and retro ROMs for emulators that evoke sheer nostalgia.

Here we are talking about the likes of Super Nintendo and Atari that can really work seamlessly with your PC, smartphones, and even Gameboy Advance and Nintendo NES.

2) Doperoms


It is an interactive archive of retro video games, Doperoms allows you to play backups of your old video games on both computers and also on your mobile devices. Better still, one can easily download all their ROMS and EMULATORS to a PC, tablet, or mobile.

Also, the list of ROMS on Doperoms is massive and runs the gamut from Sega Genesis, Atari 8-bit to Kawaks.

List of Best Emuparadise Alternative in 2020

3) The Eye

You can find ROM files for every gaming console imaginable on The Eye. Their gigantic ROM archives boast over thousands of  files that are still raising.

The well-known fact is  The Eye is a great emuparadise alternative where ROM files can be downloaded directly from the site’s servers barring certain files that require a torrent client.

4) The Old Computer

With over 600,000 strong ROMs for SNES, NES, N64, DS, GBA, MAME, SEGA, Commodore and PC, The Old Computer is a nifty Emuparadise alternative. It is undoubtedly home to one of the largest collection of Emulators and ROMs on the internet.

Furthermore, you can also snag rare ROMs for over 540 different computers and gaming consoles.

5) Romulation

Romulation offers a point system to prevent abuse.  You have to sign up on RomUlation, your account is credited with 10,000 points. You can also find the latest ROMs for SEGA SATURN, and Wii Consoles.

For instance, if you download 100MB then 100 points will be deducted from your account. Note: Romulation credits 500 points into regular members accounts every 24 hours up until they gain 50,000 points.

But, the novelty factor that makes ROMHustler such a fine Emuparadise alternative is that you can get ROM’s for almost all type of gaming consoles: from classical Atari 2600 of yore to the modern PlayStations.

9) MY Boy


My Boy with a blazing speed is a full-featured emulator to run GameBoy Advance games on a multitude of Android devices from low-end phones to modern smartphones and tablets.

My Boy is that it emulates nearly all aspects of the real hardware properly. In a nutshell, this app is a pure haven for GBA games lovers.

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