Best Free Beat Making Software

Best Free beat Making Software

With the many Flaws that occurred previously now, there is an emergence of beat making software. Nowadays all the Major hip hop and trap artists don’t depend on a major label to produce their mixtapes. They simply go with some of the best free beat making software in the market.

In the same manner, if you are also a passionate music lover without enough resources to expend, you can fulfill your dream with some of the best free beat making software for your windows PC and Mac.

Way To Select  Beat Making Software For Your PC and Mac? 

Here are selected beatmakers based on several benchmarks. The best thing was definitely the abundant features this software possess, which  followed closely by ease-of-use and VST integration-Third party with a user interface who composes excellent base beat

List of Free Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

1) Fruity Loops Studio

This is purely available on both Windows and Mac OS X, which has evolved into a professional beat maker that can churn out polyrhythms and bassy EDM beats by the minute. An inexperienced person can learn this art of beat making and easily create, edit, mix, and master tracks on FL Studio’s mega smooth, scalable, and multi-touch interface.

The FL Studio is replete with drum loops, VST Plugins, and synths, users can also incorporate third-party plugins seamlessly.

The latest FL Studio 12 version always allows you to remove all the windows within the program for faster audio editing and beat creation.


GarageBand is renowned for its abundant collection of the various band beats like Drum Loops, Synths, and guitar loops.

Well, the known thing is GarageBand is a well-equipped for the professionals to compose some kickass beats on the fly with support for up to 250tracks that are just perfect for layering beats. Even beginners would be attached to GarageBand’s smooth interface right from the get-go.

3) LMMS-Mac and Windows

Looking for a  formidable beat maker with a simple and intuitive GUI, the best beat maker is  LMMS which is an open-source DAW with a built-in song editor for creating kickass tunes.

LMMS also offering complete user-defined track automation and also computer-controlled automation so that beginners get the best of both worlds.

4) Cakewalk

Cakewalk has Zplane Elastique Pro that fixes the number of beats  per minute which is a role of BMP Slider

Note: You can adjust the Tempo of the track, Compatible with third-party VST for the correction of the pitch.

5) Ardour (Windows and Mac) 

It is mainly designed on the lines of Pro Tools and Logic Pro, and the Ardour is a full-fledged open-source digital audio workstation that offers audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing.

Important:  The Ardour is perfect in replacing analog or digital tape systems and offers a timeline style of non-linear editing useful for slick multi-track edits. so beginners can easily go back and forth with their changes.

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