Best Free QR Code Generator

Best Free QR Code Generator

If you are planning to run a business or a commercial enterprise, a QR code generator is a flexible tool that creates Quick Response Codes or QR codes that can come in handy for marketing and sales purposes.  Nowadays, due to a widespread spurt in popularity, there are lots of free QR code generators strewn about online.

I think finding a decent QR code creator with a logo becomes bored. we have collected in the internet to elite the best free QR code generator software i.e. online that will help you create personalized QR Code designs with logo in a short time.

How To Generate QR Code Online?

There are many things to consider whilst choosing a QR code generator online. Also check if your QR Code generator is compatible with common QR CODE.

Along with this, some QR code tools might ask you to sign up before you download the QR code image. now you can ready to explore other options.

 List Of Free QR Code Generator Software

1) GOQR Code Generator

Anyone can create QR codes in a Less time on GOQR Code Generator’s platform. Even better,  it has an intuitive layout and smooth interface that make the whole process quick which results is a 2-D  barcode i.e. in the form of black and white dots called data pixels or QR code modules, that stores critical information.

With the help GOQR Code Generator, you can upload your company’s logo, and also add background/foreground colours. Apart from Black and white variants GOQR  can also produce coloured QR codes with logo.

This  QR code generator allows you to read URL, text, vCard, phone number, or SMS.

2) QRStuff

The QR codes are is completely ad-free and QRStuff never asks you an account creation  Simply generate as many QR codes you want for commercial usage without any limitation.

QRStuff allows you to create QR codes that can be decorated on your costume. It can also create smartphone-readable 2D barcodes that consist of  V-Card contact information, URLs, Google Maps location.

3)QR Code Zebra

If you need a  dynamic QR code generator where you can change your URL every time, QR Code Zebra should definitely be on your plot. It allows you to generate QR codes with logo on the fly for various marketing areas and also for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,  VCard, Bitcoin, YouTube or any other URL.

Nowadays Dynamic QR codes have become popular and can be seen on brochures, banners, clothing. business cards and food packaging covers . with all this, QR Code Zebra is a great option if want it customised and colourful QR codes that match your branding.


This is a beautiful interface with a Great responsive design, ForQRCode is a brilliant free QR Code Generator that not only looks stunning on any device but also goes like a feel-good movie. It works best for those who wish to create supreme quality personalized QR Codes in the format of PNG.

This ForQRcode also supports URL, Text, Email, Location,  SMS, and Call. The only downside is users cannot log in.

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