Best PDF Editors in 2020

Best Pdf Editors

Here we’ve prepared a list of free and versatile PDF editor apps, with a brief review of features, pricing, pros, and cons. Here are our top PDF editor’s suggestions and short guide about this kind of software.

1.Wondershare PDF Element

A popular PDF editor that comes across all over on-line – thumbs up for large selling campaigns. Its interface is sort of intuitive, all the mandatory options square measure straightforward to access and do. On the opposite hand, there’s no ability to de-skew documents or it’s well hidden from users, and from time to time, PDFelement slows down significantly once turning multiple pages in an exceedingly huge book. However, ups outweigh the downs – check the options below.


Compatible with: Windows and Mac.

  • Pros:
  • All features are available in the free 
  • Free version updates the area unit as regular like a paid one
  • cheaper than Adobe jock
  • Discounts for lecturers and students
  • Until buying, it puts a watermark on all of the created, edited, or regenerate documents
  • Only 5 pages of documents to edit within the free version
  • Sometimes, problems with page size and text layout within the regenerate files

2. PDF-Architect

It’s pleasant to work with PDF-Architect. The side-by-side view seems to be a pretty handy feature, yet it doesn’t always work properly – the corresponding button just does not activate it without any visible reasons.

Features :

Сompatible with: Windows only.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable 
  • Powerful reviewing, editing, and protection modules


  • The free version has too few scarce features
  • No drag-and-drop option
  • No conversion to ePub

3. Phantom PDF

It is a prof.editor by Foxit, powered by ConnectedPDF – a technology for cloud services. In this you can manipulate documents, even add multimedia, that’s a rare feature. Drag and drop within a document, as well as from one document to another.


Сompatible with: Windows and Mac.


  • Business intelligence data, tracking of edit history
  • High-led security el and sharing options
  • Integration of multimedia files
  • 41 languages support, video tutorials


  • 14-days trial with limited functionality
  • No conversion to ePub.

4. Sejda PDF Editor

It is a  basic PDF editing functionality and a desktop app. No scan documents or create docs from other files.


Compatible with: Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Online service, no installation
  •  easy to get started with friendly user design
  • Frequent updates


  • , This first decides what action you need, and then open a file. which is an unusual process
  • 5. Nitro Pro Editor

This is a smart online document editor, that also has a desktop version to install.  Nitro’s desktop app worked a bit more slowly than other PDF editors, even when files were not that big.


Compatible with: Windows(desktop only)


A variety of eSigning tools

  • Familiar Microsoft Office-style interface
  • High-level security, 256-bit encryption
  • CAD-compatibility
  • Drag-and-drop images/text between windows


  • Personal settings tend to crash a file
  • Occasionally, issues with file sizes
  • No conversion to ePub, no mobile optimization

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