How to Install and setup firestick and Pair remote App, Toubleshooting Firestick remote not working


As a matter of first importance download and Install the Fire TV far off an application to any of these devices (as per your benefits) :
Android devices having the 4.0.3 version or above.
All Fire Tablets above the third generation.
iOS gadgets that have iOS 7.0 or higher version.
In case the advanced settings are enabled on your router, at that point you need to apply for the multicast support in order to utilize the Fire TV remote application as an alternative of your Fire TV remote.
After the installation, you should pair the Fire TV remote application to your Fire TV stick.



1. Guarantee that your Fire TV stick must be turned ON before executing the pairing procedure.
2. Now connect your mobile to a similar Wi-Fi network to which your Fire Stick is connected.
3. From there on, open the Fire TV remote application. Wait for the time till it scans your Fire Stick device.
4. On the off chance that it is neglected to find your Fire Stick, at that point use your Amazon credentials to sign in to your Amazon account. This will create a code on your TV screen.
5. Type this code in the Fire TV remote application, and your Fire TV remote application is now paired with the Fire TV stick.


–>Check the batteries:

One of the most well-known reasons for the “Fire TV remote unexpectedly got disconnected” can be the batteries of the remote. Fire TV remote just will, in general, be working with the fresh out of the box new batteries. Many users have attempted similar batteries with different devices, and those devices are working fine.
Also, it is advisable to only use the authenticated AA batteries with the Fire TV remote. This is because that cheap batteries above all else are not good with the remote and also they will, in general, release a chalk residue on the terminals of the remote. This makes a barrier between the battery and the terminals. Furthermore, that is the manner by which you face issues like Fire Stick remote not working.

–>Un-pair and re-pair the remote:

Perhaps there can be some network issue with the remote and the Fire TV stick. For this situation, you can un-pair and re-pair your remote. This will settle any availability issue with the remote and the Fire Stick.

You can un-pair your Fire TV remote by executing these steps:

1. Find the “Menu”, “Left Directional Key” and the “Back Button” of the Fire TV remote.
2. Press and hold all the previously mentioned buttons for 15 seconds.
3. By doing this you can un-pair your Fire TV remote from the Fire TV stick.
4. Likewise, you can reset your Fire TV stick to factory defaults. This will likewise un-pair the Fire TV remote.

To re-pair your Fire TV stick remote to the Fire TV, follow these steps:

1. On the Fire TV menu, tap on “Settings.”
2. Go to the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”.
3. Now under the “Amazon Fire TV controllers” select “Include new Remote”.
4. Tap and hold the home button of your Fire TV remote for 10 seconds. This will start the pairing mode of the remote. Also, the remote will get auto-paired with the Fire TV stick.
Many users guaranteed that doing this method, they were able to resolve the Fire Stick remote not working issue.

–>Power Cycle the device and the Fire TV remote:

Power cycling your Device additionally causes you great extent with the Fire TV remote not working. The purpose for this is the greater part of the users keep their Fire Stick ON for more time. Power cycling the Fire Stick refreshes the devices that prompt better network with the remote.
Here’s the standard procedure to control power cycle your Fire TV stick:
1. Plug out the power source from the Fire Stick.
2. Wait for 5-15 seconds.
3. Connect the power source back to the Fire Stick.
4. Now press and hold the “Home” button of the Fire TV remote to pair the remote with the Fire Stick. What’s more, if that doesn’t work, follow the total pairing procedure expressed in the above point.
Additionally, execute a power cycle on your Fire TV remote too.

Here’s the manner by which to do that:

1. Open the battery front of your Fire Stick Remote.
2. Remove the batteries from the remote.
3. Wait for 30 seconds.
4. Set the batteries back into the remote.
5. Press the home button of the remote for 10 seconds, it will get auto paired with the Fire TV stick.

–>Look at the hardware/Motherboard:

Carefully look at your Fire TV stick, perhaps there is hardware debilitation either with the device or the Amazon Fire Stick Motherboard. This likewise can prompt the Fire Stick remote network issues.
In the event that the motherboard is flawed, it is smarter to jump on contact with the Experts. No one but they can direct you with the sufficient tips for this situation. Likewise, if the device is under guarantee period, you can request the substitution from the producer.
Furthermore, if the gadget isn’t under guarantee don’t accepting the new motherboard, rather purchase a restored device. This is on the grounds that; the motherboards are made in China and are excessively costly. Subsequently, reaching the Experts will be a wise choice.

–>Outdated Software:

Outdated Software of the Fire TV stick can likewise be the reason for the “Fire Stick remote not working”. You should refresh your Fire stick’s product from time to time. In the event that the product gets outdated, you will definitely face issues with your Fire Stick.
You can check and update the product of your Fire TV stick using these steps:
1. Go to the Fire TV menu.
2. Tap the “device” under the “Settings”.
3. In the “About” area, select the software version.
4. Now here, you will see the current version of your Fire Stick’s product.
5. On the off chance that there is any update available, it itself will begin downloading.
6. When the update is downloaded, basically restart your device to introduce the update.

Thus, we can resolve the problems of firestick remote not working.

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