Free Image Hosting Sites in 2020

Free Image Hosting Sites

As the web is evolving day by day web increasingly becoming more visual , this is just because of mobile browsing, the second one the free image hosting is becoming a must-have digital tool.

Here in this article, we give the list of best sites that gives free photo hosting, making uploading and sharing your images easier than ever.

1.Unlimited Free Storage Via Mobile Upload: Google Photos
  • The most fantastic feature is Automatically backing up the photos.
  • It also uploads the large quantities of photos and large size videos (1080pHD)where we edit, organizes your photos with HD quality.
  • Image size and storage:
  • Limitless free storage for photos captured  by smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras (16 megapixels )
  • Even Uses your limited storage space from your Google Account for photos taken by DSLR cameras

 Google has a marvelous backup feature with easy setup and access, where download the Google Photos app for iOS or Android to automatically upload the photos you take with your devices.

Note: Your photos sync across your account and devices, becoming accessible from anywhere.

2.Ideal If Want To Upload and Share GIFs: Imgur
  • Features: With this, you can upload your photos and gifs from videos without a quality loss.
  • The uploaded photos can be shared anywhere online.

Image size and Storage:

  • max 20 MB for all non-animated GIF images and 200 MB for animated GIF images.
  • Imgur is the social news community’s favorite free image hosting site for Redditors. Without its account, you can  Upload photos in stunning quality quickly and easily
  • Available for iOS and Android apps.

Images Hosting Sites for Free in 2020

3. Perfect  For Creating Organized Photo Albums: Flickr


  • Great creat of albums and sharing and also publish the photos under creative common licensing
  • Upload photos from different platforms including mobile devices, email, web.
 Image  size and storage:
  • No limit filesize of free storage space
  • Flickr is one of the most widely known and oldest photo-sharing social networks around.

4. A platform for Serious Photographers: 500px

  • Maintains social networking mainly with other photographers.
  • Licensing or selling your photos.
Image size and storage:


  •  500px for social network for photographers looking to share their best photos.
  • Mainly Use the service on the web or through its iOS and Android apps.
  • sharing individual photos or even folders of photos with others.
  • Also fo uploading, managing, and sharing your photo files from your device.
Images size and storage:
  • 2 GB of free storage with the opportunity to earn extra free storage by inviting other people to join Dropbox.

It is a free cloud provider where you can store various file formats, that mainly include photos where you get a shareable link to a single photo file or an entire folder that containing multiple photos to share with others.

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