Add the users and assign roles on WordPress Blogs or Websites

Adding users to WordPress Blogs:

As we know the WordPress being one of the top CMS  (content management system ) which helps us to deliver our content with out any coding language and maintain huge blogs or websites and WordPress is leading CMS since 2003 .


>> Change Pinterest password

>>Install WordPress template


The WordPress is the user friendly and you can add number of authors to your blog . Any one who get the access to the blog can generate content and publish . There are different types of roles being assigned to the users .

Administrator : 

The Admin or Administrator is the person who hold total access to the account . He only as the authority to add the new users and assign the roles to them . He can have the whole access .

Author :

The Author is the person who will have only access to few pages on dashboard , he can only add the content and edit the content of his own

Editor :

The Editor is the person who as access to all the system , but he cannot remove the admin , he can edit any users content including the admins .

Contributor : 

The Contributor is the person who only can contribute the content or articles to the page or site or blog .

Subscribers :

These are the readers how are regular readers who stumble for the new topics on the blog , these users will subscribe to our blog or site where a news letter is sent to  them regularly according to the time period


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  • To add a user to a WordPress blog we have to login to the Dashboard of your WordPress blog
  • Then if you will find the users ,place the cursor and you will get a side hove with ALL USERS , ADD NEW , YOUR PROFILE .
  • Then click on the Add New and you will find the some credentials to fill in , fill those blanks .


  • At the end you will find the Role with a hover which contains different types of roles .
  • Assign the role to the new users and click on add new user .add user to wordpress blog

If you find any doubts error please comment below on  Add the users and assign roles on WordPress Blogs or Websites . 

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