Best Ad Blockers in 2020

Best Ad Blockers

Adblocker may be a computer code,  a browser extension, that is capable of removing or preventing ads from displaying on content viewed by a user. It in the main targets every kind of distractions like pop-ups, banner ads, YouTube ads, and different sorts of on-line ads in order that users could fancy web surfriding in a very manner. This doesn’t mean a whole add removal.

Why use ad Blockers?

  1. faster browsing
  2. privacy protection,
  3. No advertising.

Here is a list of top best ad blockers.


Version: 3.0.14. Size: 4.9 Mb. Memory used ~90  Mb.

AdGuard blocks ads and adware, also video ads, pop-ups, rich media advertising, text ads. AdGuard is available for many browsers and platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


It is extremely additionally acceptable once relations use many browsers, as all settings are centralized during a single interface. It will even hide ads in applications like uTorrent and Skype.


  • Phishing and malware protection
  • Stealth mode
  • Prevents WebRTC leaks


  • Missed Yandex metric and Google Analytics scripts
  • Blocked the desired content on several sites

2. AdLock

Version: 0.1.15. Size: ~372 Kb. Memory used ~135 Mb.

Comes in three forms: a desktop version for Windows, a browser extension for Chrome, and a mobile app for automaton. AdLock prices $29 annually for Windows and $14 for automaton devices, and there’s a 14- day free trial. To effectively do so, Ad Lock checks all requests sent from the website page to the server and applies filters. Ad Lock also adapts webpage layout for proper appearance, removing blank ad spaces as well.


  • Fast and powerful
  • Blocks all kinds of ads
  • All formats available


  • Little functionality
  • May block Internet access altogether
  • Improper tech support


3. uBlock Origin

Version: 1.19.6. Size: 2.51 Mb. Memory used ~ 65 Mb.

One of the most popular adblockers as rated by real users, working on the following browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari (Mac OS). uBlock Origin extension is absolutely capable of removing discourse advertising, banner advertising, analytics, and metrics (e.g. Yandex metric, Google analytics). It additionally aids in net obscurity and bar of native information science address leaks, disabling JavaScript.


  • Low resource consumption
  • More features than similar products
  • WebRTC leak prevented


  • May block additional content
  • No mobile app, no desktop app

4. AdBlock 

Version: 3.48.0. Size: 5.02 Mb. Memory used ~160 Mb.

AdBlock guarantees to get rid of YouTube video ads before you see them, tho’ generally they slip through, particularly within the middle of video playback. it’s the sole AdBlock software package that permits whitelisting specific YouTube channels. And this extension provides a lot of management. Left-click on the extension icon to pause it on a current web site you to pick a particular ad to get rid of.


  • It has a very nice interface
  • Provides malware protection
  • Has cryptocurrency mining protection list


  • WebRTC leak
  • No desktop app

5. AdBlock Plus

Version: 3.5.2. Size: 1.14 Mb. Memory used ~195 Mb.

This is the only ad blocker so far that allows whitelisting specific YouTube channels.  Adblock offers even additional flexibility in selections left-click and pause it on a current online page, or choose a selected ad to get rid of, pause it for all websites. AdBlock and very will facilitate pages load quicker while no ads, though they still occupy a blank spot on a web site.


  • Anti-circumvention filter list
  • Efficient work
  • Nice interface


  • Limited manual block-by-element blocker
  • WebRTC leaking
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