Best Auto-Tune Apps in 2020

List of Best Auto-Tune Apps

The use of auto-tune in music production has a great role over the last couple of years where you will find the abundant use of Autotune in singing. Even your mobile app can auto-tune your vocals in real-time within the home.

What Is The Use Of Autotune Apps in Singing?

Autotune is used by many pop artists and rappers in their music. So don’t feel ashamed of it. In fact, good Autotune apps help modulate your voice and improve the vocal range.

 Best Auto-Tune Apps for Android and iPhone  2020

1)Voloco: AutoTune +Harmony

Voloco is an interesting music app that records your voice and adjusts its pitch in real-time thus immediately processing your vocals and making them ready for playback. If you want sing-along, Voloco provides a High beat library over which you can lay down your vocals.

.Voloco lets you instantly share your recorded performances.


A remarkably popular and unique music app, Smule allows users to sing songs together with top musicians as well as with loved ones or friends anywhere in the world.

It is one of the best autotune apps for intonation correction and real-time tuning, Smule automatically records your vocals so that they sound right and don’t go off

Smule also doubles up as a niftyKaraoke app wherein you can sing your heart out to some of your favorite tunes via your Android mobile or iPhone.

3) TuneMe

Looking for hip hop or R&B singing enthusiast who is looking to create high-quality tracks with vocals, then this app is highly recommended. TuneMe increases pitch shifter and auto-pitch effects and over 400+free songs for recording audio tracks.  It is one of the best autotune apps for both Android and iOS devices.


Hitting those high pitched notes effortlessly is always a dream for budding singers. With MicDroid at the helm, you can do real-time intonation correction and enhance the melodic minor and range of your vocals.

MicDroid keeps things clean very simple. The best aspect of this marvelous auto-tune app with no adds. Along with this you can share recorded tracks with friends and fans on  Facebook, Instagram as well as Email them to anyone.


This is the app for novice rap and hip hop artists, RapChat is a repository of thousands of beats but the main thing is its auto vocal tune feature that allows you sing along to your favorite rappers.

RapChat also lets users type in their own lyrics, or do singalongs to existing lyrics. All together, RapChat is great for creating content and sharing it with your friends and family.

6) Starmaker

A rapidly rising app with over 45 Million users, Starmaker is an auto-tune app that also doubles up as a huge catalog for streaming songs on your Android and iOS device. For starters, StarMaker’s take the mic feature can enhance your vocal recording experience up by a notch.

Simply sing along to songs flashing on lyrics cards and tweak the pitch of your vocals in real-time.

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