Best Browser Games in 2020

Best Browser Games

Browser games do not require any client software or anything to install. Some just love it and are hardcore gamers, for others it could be a great way to defuse the tension and take the mind off. There’s no hassle – all you need is to open a web browser and play whatever you like with friends or just people from the net.

  1. Forge Of Empires

 system requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 3.8 Ghz processor, 128 Mb RAM, Internet speed 6 Mbps.

This browser game (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera) is also available on Facebook, iOS and Android devices.  It is a high-quality city-building game.

Players start back in the Stone Age and move gradually up to modern times, witnessing the wheel invention, industrial age, mass production and everything else.

One of the advantages is that player’s actions matter – it’s not just a computer calculating battle results. There are both single-player campaigns and PvP actions.


  • Enjoyable graphics
  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Ability to fight the way you like


  • Some quests are impossible to complete without a donation
  • Your village can be robbed by players of higher levels

2.Astro Lords

 system requirements:

Windows XP/7/8, 1GB RAM, Internet speed 256 Kbps, 2GB disk space for client version.

If you are a connoisseur of sci-fi and city building (in this case, base-building) you will love this browser game as we did. Great gameplay, great soundtrack, peculiar combat system… it all really settles in. , etc.

You can send spies to asteroids and hire up to 6 Captains. Each of them belongs to one of seven classes with different skills and type of a spaceship. In certain parts, massive player-vs-player (PvP) battles are taking place, and you won’t want to miss those.


  • Amazing ship battles
  • Detailed graphics and nice environment
  • Complex management


  • Only PvP mode to play
  • Long wait times
  • Pay-to-win may get annoying soon

List of Browser Games to play in 2020

3. Contract Wars

system requirements:

AMD or Pentium 3 GHz processor, 512 Mb RAM, 256 Mb nVidia, Internet speed 2 Mbps, IE 9, Mozilla.

A solid shooter with all the attributes of the genre. Simple mechanics, versatile weapons, several game modes – altogether enough to have good fun and not get carried away too much.

Players are immersed into near future to observe and influence political, economic and military life. And, of course, lots of combats with beautifully animated weapons and possibility to score points as teams.


  • Great dynamics of combats
  • Available weapon upgrades
  • Skill system with special bonuses


  • Disbalanced donation system
  • May be less interesting for “foriegn” audience

4.Dark Orbit


 system requirements:

Windows XP, Pentium 3.7 Ghz processor, 256 Mb RAM, 128 Mb video, Internet speed 256 Kbps.

Works on all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. A game in which a player becomes a starship captain with all its challenges. At the start, you have to choose company (faction) to join: Mars Mining Operations, Earth Industries Corporation, or Venus Resources Unlimited.

It is also a sci-fi strategy and a spaceship simulator, if you will. Players can choose to be merchants or space pirates, and have the map of whole solar system at hand, as well as are able to cooperate with other players.


  • Ten ship models
  • Various PvP game modes with awards


  • Graphics and gameplay may seem a bit repetitive
  • Servers lag when too many players join

5. Dragon Lord

 system requirements:

Windows XP/7/8, 800 MHz processor, 256 Mb RAM, Internet speed 256 Kbps.

This is another RPG.A world of elves, orcs, and dragons awaits and the prime goal is to conquer the Dragon Lord. Fortify a castle, use it as a base, gather troops, craft items, create new weapons in the blacksmith.


  • Lots of events
  • Dynamic action combats
  • Assistant bots to accomplish simple tasks


  • Quite stale game mechanics
  • Frequent ads asking for donation

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