Best Free Music Apps For iPhone in 2020

Best Free Music Apps For iPhone

You can stream unlimited music from a monthly-subscription based streaming service without buying tracks, albums which are even better than unlimited music?

This article shows you the Free music streaming on some of the best free music apps for the iPhone.

List of Free Music Apps for iPhone  

1.Google Play Music

Google Play Music promises a musical extravaganza. For Beginners, you can explore radio-style playlists based on mood, genre, and activity.

If you want to keep a repository of your favorite songs at the ready anywhere you go, then Google Play allows uploading music to your Google Account for Playback in offline.

Without download the songs, you can store up to 60,000 songs in the cloud and listen to yourself anywhere, any time over the internet.  This also enables you a Free membership to stream internet radio and listen to your own playlists.

2.Red Bull Radio

After RedBull A Beverage company, Now it is  a global sports and entertainment juggernaut, Red Bull offers a free radio app called Red Bull Radio that features over 45 regular programs,  genre-focused channels, and live radio

RedBull includes in the programming are live streams from major music festivals worldwide such as Download, Rock is Ring, and Rock in Park, Coachella, you name it.

The only thing is you will need an active internet connection to gain the benefits of free streaming since Red Bull Radio doesn’t provide offline listening

3.Pandora Radio

By the Interest  of fans as it is  one of the best free music apps for iPhone, Pandora Radio also has the distinction of being one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store.

Pandora with its simple radio-style approach and a mega clean interface, Pandora creates music stations based on the music choices of users. also

You can also refine these stations by giving thumbs up or down to a song, or add new bands or songs to a station’s roster.

With all these, Pandora still retains its cool charm as a bulk library of songs, and an ideal goal to discover new music on your iPhone.

4. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is a rare beast where you can come across with new music and mixtapes from the budding trap, hip hop artists.

Also, Spinrilla is one of your go-to destinations for streaming and accessing mixtapes that might as well be the new trendsetters in the music scene.

Spinrilla a Completely free of cost, Spinrilla allows users to comment on music, share songs as well as check out new releases and trending songs

Important: You can download songs for offline playback.


Spotify is incredibly popular among the music lovers and boasts a huge fanbase from across the world. Spotify also offers Pandora-Esque radio stations.

Spotify also rolled out podcasts to its wide collection thus making itself the hotspot for all audio things.

6)Amazon Music

Amazon’s Prime Video service has lots of subscribers, but did you know that Amazon Music has also carved out a fan following of its own? For starters, if you are already subscribed to Prime, then you can explore a lot in the Amazon Music app for free. With a massive library of over 2 million songs, curated playlists, and radio stations, Amazon Music wouldn’t disappoint.

Amazon is completely ad-free and allows you to stream all the podcasts and MP3 downloads that you have bought from Amazon.

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