List of  Best Piano Learning Apps

 1)Simply Piano

Are you a basic learner. Look no further than SimplyPiano, a nifty piano teaching app that walks you through all the basics such as rhythm, note reading, and scales. SimplyPiano displays some notes and guides you to play them accurately on your acoustic piano or keyboard.

Hence, rather than learning just one aspect of piano or learning to play theoretically, you get real hands-on piano playing guidance.  The beginning learners would surely find this app useful as it offers tremendous learning both music theory wise as well as practically.

2) Flowkey (Android)

It one of the best piano learning apps for Android and iOS, Flowkey is a combination of both sheet music and video tutorials. With on-screen guidance, you can seamlessly position your hands and learn to play in a realtime note by note.

FlowKey is essentially a slot up from learning to play the piano via music sheets. It boasts an extensive catalog of many songs from genres such as classical, rock, jazz, and pop which will be immensely useful for beginners.

Flowkey – chords, tempo, scales and notes and makes learning piano a smooth experience.

3)The Metronome(Android and iOS)

A metronome is Compulsory for all musicians for keeping track of the beat.  It is a  very flexible app at your disposal, and also metronome helps you play the piano in perfect simultaneously with time where you can tap your own tempo.

This app is totally ad-free and lets you jam with up to 5 fellow musicians or band members thanks to its multiplayer sync feature.

4)Perfect Ear

Developing a good ear is a must for all aspiring musicians, let alone pianists. Perfect Ear is a formidable app that develops your ear training skills to identify notes and play an instrument along with music just by hearing it.

Perfect Ear is your best colleague if you want to practice learning scales, intervals, as well as chords. Not to mention, you can even customize your own rhythm training or ear training regimen. It also boasts a complete music scales dictionary that helps you learn the ropes of playing piano efficiently. Perfect Ear is available on both Android and iOS.


Your Reading sheet music is just difficult and also very expensive for a beginner learning piano. With MuseScore, you get access to a huge catalog of free piano music sheets ranging from Flight of the Bumblebee to Mozart’s Symphony 40.

Additionally, MuseScore is a great community-driven platform where experts and beginners alike help each other by sharing the new idealogy and piano learning tips.

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