Best Shazam Alternatives in 2020

Best Shazam Alternatives

Have you ever heard a beautiful song anywhere but having any difficulties to recognize and remember the title or the lyrics of the song, if you remember them you can easily find them and can  enjoy the awesome songs. Have you heard Shazam, if not now do it? Shazam is an effective resulted tool in finding the best songs.

Though Shazam is the most popular music-identifying application, it has some issues. shazam has many complaints related to Bloatware on the app and still no results in resolving the issues.

List of Best Apps Like Shazam for Android and iOS:-

So, if you are in needy of any change and looking for a different application to listen to the are some sites where you get some mental pleasure.

1. SoundHound

It is one of the best application that is considered to be the hardest competitor of Shazam is SoundHound. It is also regarded as an alternative to Shazam. With the new version of the SoundHound application, you are allowed to go hands-free.  You can simply say to find a song OK HOUND…WHAT’S THIS SONG? and the app will get you the song.

You can also tap on the orange button to identify the songs and do another kind of things side by side. Other kinds of stuff include the live lyrics, video, share, stream, or buy the track. One of the Awesome features in it is you can Hum the song if it strikes in your head , immediately the song will appear on the screen which is related to it.

You can install Android, iOS and Windows.

2. TrackID

 Sony’sTrackID ranks among the best application in music identification. Along with this, It is considered as the most reliable in various app stores.


To search a song, you have to tap the search button and let the application do the rest of the process. In addition, you can also explore and search artist biographies, watch music videos.

In addition to it, you can also listen to a preview of the searched song through the Spotify application that will make sure that the song is the correct one. And the plus point is that you can download the song directly through the application.

The TrackID comes with the new cool feature dubbed TrackID LIVE which lets you see what’s trending.

Install: Android

List of Best Alternative Sites for Shazam in 2020

3. Musicmatch Lyrics

As the name itself suggests music match is a Music player and is also able in identifying music among other things. It mainly provides lyrics and is among the largest and fastest-growing databases in today’s market.

Working: To identify music, you have to Click on “IDENTIFY LYRICS” and the app will take care of the rest. Like other sites, it is reliable because it is super fast in identifying music and comes up with the live lyrics feature.

Install: Android

4. MusicID

This is Another great music identification application that can really make the Shazam shame is MusicID. Working if it is absolutely reliable and fast. MusicID can identify the songs at a very fast rate and is easy and quick steps. Just a click on the Microphone button starts the running of the app.

Once the song is identified, the application will provide you with the entire  details of the song and it also related to  youtube videos and songs. Along with it, you can buy and even also share the information with friends through Amazon.

Install: iOS and Android

5. Music Identification

One of the perfect apps for identifying music for every kind of user is Music Identification. It will always give you the name of the song, the artist along with some other basic information in just a few seconds.

In addition to it, it is famous for its widget to identify songs quickly if needed.

Install: Android

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