Best uTorrent Settings in 2020 For Fast Downloads

Best uTorrent Settings For Speed Downloads 2020

uTorrent is one of the best tools to download and stream torrent files. With the help of this tool you can seed and download torrents. Additionally, there are many verified tips and tricks to optimize uTorrent clients on your PC.

Since uTorrent supports magnet files as well, it is the top choice of many users and also free to use. Ideally, uTorrent is capable to run on the best settings possible and gets the maximum torrent speeds.

Here is a list of best uTorrent Settings-Optimize the Downloading Speed

uTorrent is very optimized and configured to give you maximum downloads speed. However, there are certain ways where you can increase your download speed and optimize the uTorrent club on your desktop.

1.Bandwidth Setting 

Bandwidth settings are the best way to optimize the uTorrent. Ther are different ways to set bandwidth.  Manually- Press CTRL+P and then  Go to preferences. Now  Select bandwidth. You should know your exact bandwidth in Mbps for this setting. Enter the bandwidth in kB/s under maximum download rate to set the bandwidth for optimum speed.

2. Individual Torrent Bandwidth Allocation

This is mainly used when you have a queue of torrent downloads and want to prior to a specific one. All you want to do is just  Right-click on the torrent and allocate the bandwidth for good results and improves the high speed.

3. Unlimited Upload Speed

uTorrent Upload speed and Download speed can affect dependently each other if it is limited too much. uTorrent always employs a mutual sharing algorithm to upload a download. So, if you limit your download too much upload speed will be affected and vice versa. For better results, reduce 25% of your upload if your download speed is limited.

4. Manage uTorrent Remotely

This can really help you to manage your uTorrent from anywhere.

choose the options and then remote in preferences then:

  1. Check the box “Enable the uTorrent Remote Access.”
  2. Enter the name and password to your computer.
  3. Go to remote and login through name and password.

5. Virus And Malware Protection

You must protect your torrent from the virus and malware. They can severely affect speed. For this, there are many antivirus software available in the market to install. As the torrent is not safe so you can be attacked by the hackers anytime. It is must essential to have an antivirus. Better, Regularly scan the files you download so that it can save you from hacking.

Best UTorrent Settings in 2020 for optimize downloads

1. Encrypting The Traffic

Firewalls are working to recognize the torrent traffic patterns, so only enabling the encryption protocol will not keep you. This will not provide you any anonymity. Encrypting the BitTorrent protocol gives you privacy and saves your anonymity.

Select the preferences in options and then choose BitTorrent. Under the “Protocol Encryption” and Outgoing box, select “Enabled.” and Check the box “Allow incoming legacy connections.”

2.  Removing Ads

Note: Ads can affect your speed a lot. This is only the problem of free versions, But you have no problem with Paid ones because they are ads free. Remove the ads in the advanced settings to keep your torrent healthy.

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