How to Change WiFi on Wyze camera? How to setup Wyze Camera? Factory Reset


Since your WiFi information is sent through the QR code during the arrangement, you should repeat the arrangement procedure to change your WiFi details.
To change wifi on Wyze camera, you have to follow some steps. The steps for changing wifi on Wyze camera is as follows:

Step-1: Startup the Wyze application on your Android or iPhone.
Step-2: Sign if you haven’t set the application to recall you.
Step-3: Plug in your Wyze camera to the USB port, or an electrical plug. Hold up until it streaks yellow around thirty seconds.
Step-4: Hold the Setup button the rear of the camera until you hear the mechanized message “ready to connect”.
Step-5: Return to the phone application and click on the three spots in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap on Add a Product and include your gadget utilizing the right name.
Step-6: The arrangement window will show up. Follow the instructions and give it time if necessary.
Step-7: You’ll be provoked to pick a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and enter your secret word. Wyze Cams don’t take a shot at 5GHz systems, so remember that. Connect with your new Wi-Fi utilizing the current secret key.
Step-8: At that point, you’ll need to examine the QR code on the application with your Wyze Cam. At the point when it checks the QR code you’ll hear a voice ordering “QR code scanner”. Tap on the “I heard the voice command” button.
You would then be able to pick another name for your Wyze Cam, utilizing the gadget settings after you have chosen it from the gadget posting. The name is the principal choice, simply tap on the name and enter another one.


To begin, you will require:

1. Wyze Cam.
2. cell phone or tablet.
3. Your Wi-Fi network name and password.
4. The arrangement should take around 5 minutes.

Steps required to set up the Wyze cam is as follows:
Step-1: Download the Wyze application and Connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
Download the Wyze App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Once downloaded, open the Wyze application and login or make an account.
To make a new account, steps are as follows:
1. Tap “Signup” on the application screen.
2. Enter your email address, at that point enter your password twice.
3. You can tap the symbol in the password field to see the password and ensure you entered a similar password in each field.
4. Tap “Proceed”.
Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and have your network password prepared.

Step-2: Plug in the camera utilizing the included USB link and power adapter.
When setting up your camera, make a point to utilize the included USB link and power adapter. This will guarantee the perfect measure of intensity is setting off to the camera and forestall execution issues.
The LED light will be a strong yellow to reveal to you the camera has power. When the light beginnings blazing, your camera is prepared for arrangement.

Step-3: Adding another gadget in the Wyze App.
In the Wyze application, press the add new device button in the centre of the screen. Select Wyze Cam.
Press and hold the SETUP button on the base of the camera until you hear a signal and “Prepared to Connect”. Tap the Next catch in the application.

Step-4: Adding your Wi-Fi Information.
Enter your Wi-Fi network name and secret key. Tap the symbol in the secret word field to show the secret phrase to guarantee it was entered accurately. Tap straightaway.

Step-5: Scan the QR Code.
The application screen shows a QR code. Face the lens of your camera toward the QR code on your phone. The camera will examine the QR code and you will hear “QR code filtered if it’s not too much trouble pause”.
In case you’re experiencing difficulty examining the QR code.
1. Hold the phone consistent around 5 inches before your camera. It might take a couple of moments for the camera to check the code.
2. On the off chance that it doesn’t check, change the separation between your telephone and the camera marginally and hold both consistent. Continue altering the separation until the camera checks the code, however, hold at each new separation for a few seconds to allow the camera to modify.
3. If it despite everything doesn’t examine, tilt the screen marginally on the off chance that there are light reflections not permitting the camera to see the QR code effectively. Driven lights, specifically, can cause reflections that prevent the QR code from being filtered without any problem.
4. Breaks or scratches on the screen can misshape the QR code. Attempt again utilizing a telephone or tablet that doesn’t have a split-screen.

Step-6: Finishing Setup.
When you hear “QR code filtered if it’s not too much trouble pause” tap the catch in the Wyze application.
Wyze Cam will at that point total the arrangement.
The LED light marker on the back will streak yellow and blue, at that point streak blue, and when setup is finished, it goes to a strong blue and says “setup is finished”.


The factory reset procedure can be utilized to remove the current WiFi connection data from your Wyze plug.
This can be utilized when you have another WiFi system and need to set up the Wyze plug with your new system, or on the off chance that you have to play out a full reset.
To perform a factory reset on your Wyze Plug:
1. Press and hold the on/off button on the Plug until the status light starts to streak blue.
2. When the status light starts to streak blue, you can arrange the Wyze Plug using the application again with the new WiFi network.

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