Windows 10 Upgrade : 

Windows the giant Desktop operating system by Microsoft is ready to release its latest version of Windows and named as Windows 10 . The Windows 10 carry the new  features also will get back to its older Menu Style which as been changed in Windows 8 version Read the Windows 10 Features .

Check Windows 10 is fit for your PC

Windows 10 is ready to be available into market from 29 July 2015 and Microsoft as already confirmed that there will be a free upgrade for the Windows 8 and Windows 7 users with support . So check your Desktop or PC hardware is compatible for the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Microsoft as already sent the update information to all its users and you can check directly there if your PC hardware is enough or not

>>> Download windows media player for PC

  • Every PC or Desktop or Laptop using newer versions or Windows 8 , 8.1 are been sent a update report and a icon is set in the Right bottom corner in the MENU bar
  • Click on the Windows symbol and you will find the a Pop up dialog box with heading Get Windows 10
  • Here in this dialog box you can reserve a for Windows 10
  • First We will check for PC Compatibility
  • You will find three small lines on the Left Top corner in the dialog box ,Click on that and you will find the Getting the upgrade
  • Below that you will have Check your PC . Click on that and and you will find the report that your system is fit or not
  • If you want to Reserve for Windows 10 update the reserve the spot soon .

Windows 10 upgrade and reserve spot soon :

After you complete the checking process you can make a spot reservation in the dialog box and be ready for the Windows 10 update . If you find any errors in installing Windows 10 or  checking your PC is compatible Windows 10 Upgrade