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StumbleUpon is one of a type of search engine which helps users to find content and also recommends it to the users. Some of the features are, users can discover web pages, media content like photos and videos according to taste and interests of the users by using peer sourcing. It is also one of the best Social Sharing website. Like in the Facebook StumbleUpon has also got timeline and users can be able to get the posts related to their interest. Sharing content on StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the websites. It was found by Garrett Camp in the year 2002. Many find difficulty in creating a StumbleUpon account. So today I will share an easy method to create a StumbleUpon account.


7 simple steps to create a StumbleUpon account

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1) Head on to StumbleUpon website

2) Simply click on Start Exploring
3) Now you need to fill the following details like

Enter Name

Enter Email


Enter Password

Enter Date of Birth

Select Gender Male or Female

After filling up the details just click on Sign Up. You can also create an account by using your Facebook account.

4) Now you need to type some moving words as a part of verification and after completing it just click on Join

5) Now you are almost done. After clicking on Join next you need to select your areas of interest and
there a huge list of interest and after selecting your interest then click on save interest.
6) Now you can be able to see your StumbleUpon account dashboard and you can start posting and sharing.

7) You can be able to get the most of the information in the StumbleUpon dashboard.

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Bonus:: StumbleUpon Signup

1) Just click on Add a new list

2) After clicking on Add a New Page and just enter Web Page Address and tags and after completing It just click on Add Page.
Final Words
That’s it. This is one of the best methods to create a StumbleUpon account. If you have any doubts regarding this then you can comment in the section below.

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