Delete Multiple Gmail User Accounts in Android Devices

Remove Gmail User Accounts:

Android the most and famous mobile platform with huge number of users . The Android is the Google product and now the new product Android M is set to release . So you login to your Android device using th Gmail account as it is must to use the Play Store to get the Apps and Widgets . Also you may enter few other gmail id and they are stored to your device , so if you want to delete these Gmail id or any other account id then follow the How to tutorial to Remove the Gmail User accounts


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As there can be any number of Gmail accounts used ,and if you want those to be permanently delete from your Android device .

  • Open your android device and open the settings application
  • After that open the settings tab and scroll down till you find the accounts tab
  • There open the account you want to remove from your device . Now we are discussing to delete Multiple Gmail accounts so open the Google Accounts .
  • The click on the Gmail account you want to delete and click on the left keypad button and you will find Remove the Account
  • The click on Remove the Account and OK .
  • You can delete multiple accounts


Not only Gmail accounts also other  accounts like Facebook , Twitter and many more can be deleted using these tutorial and keep your accounts tab good


Make sure before deleting the Accounts you remember the password , if not it will be difficult to delete the account .

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